2018 Public Library Strategic Priorities grants announced


Exciting new programs and events will be coming to 18 councils throughout Queensland following the awarding of the 2018 Public Library Strategic Priorities grants. Total funding of $448,440 has been allocated to deliver projects across Queensland in the 2018–2019 financial year, through the Barcaldine, Brisbane, Burdekin, Cassowary Coast, Charters Towers, Cook, Douglas, Gold Coast, Ipswich, … Read more

Lessons on failure from Shark Tank investors: How to take control of your business when things aren’t quite going right

It’s an unfortunate reality of business that things go wrong, usually at the worst possible time, and nearly always without warning, but it’s the lot of an SME owner or startup founder to pick themselves back up and keep on trucking, no matter the weather. Failure doesn’t always mean a business falling over, though it … Read more

St Leonard’s Estate, Coorparoo, 1888 (Map of the Week)

St. Leonard's Estate, Coorparoo, 1888. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

This real estate map from 1888 advertises 82 allotments of land for sale at the St Leonard’s Estate in the Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo. The allotments were situated along Morley Street, Churchill Street, Gladstone Street, Ripon Street, Salisbury Street and a government road (now Castlemaine Street and St Leonards Street). Prior to the sale extensive … Read more

Farming software startup AgriWebb bags $14 million investment and an acquisition to boot

Sydney-based farm management software startup AgriWebb has secured a $14 million investment, with an acquisition on the side, for a minority stake in the business. As well as the funding from the UK-based agriculture investment company Wheatsheaf Group, AgriWebb will receive FarmWizard, a UK provider of livestock and dairy management software, which it has acquired … Read more

Meet Lifestyle Ambassador — Margi Brown-Ash

www.margibrownash.com Margi is a multi-award winning theatre maker, therapist, educator, researcher, writer, facilitator and coach. She recently created a trilogy of plays about belonging, home and connection. Margi uses art and creative processes to coach artists and organisations through change processes, developing greater resilience and more sustainable and healthy lifestyles (www.4change.com.au). This year Margi has … Read more

Serial entrepreneur aims to build one million square metres of tolerant reef

A telecommunications entrepreneur who has founded companies with enterprise values of more than $5 billion has his sights on an audacious and likely controversial project to build new reefs to combat the effects of coral bleaching. Bevan Slattery is no stranger to large-scale developments. He made a name for himself in 2009, along with Shark … Read more