Renata Cooper Funds Forming Circles For Angel Investment

“Angel investor Renata Cooper is creating a fund under the banner of Forming Circles Global, with an aim to invest half a million dollars over three years in female-led technology startups. The fund will also provide grants of $5000 for small businesses and $10,000 for social enterprises operating in developing countries, but there will be at … Read more

5 Proven Ways to Attract More Contributions to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

“So, you have taken the bold step of crowdfunding your project. You may be an artist who wants to fund a project that’s important to you personally but not supported by traditional sources of distribution. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a product you believe can be the next Pebble SmartWatch or Flow Hive that hasn’t yet been endorsed … Read more

5 Lessons From Commercial-Real-Estate Financing for Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding

“Whether tapping traditional funding sources or conducting online crowdfunding rounds, founders face a huge challenge when raising capital. Even highly active growth investors are hard to reach and harder to close. Since startup investors are typically inundated with investment options to choose from, they can afford to be picky, fickle or both.” Joanna Schwartz, Entrepreneur, 2 … Read more

How To Win A Young Entrepreneur Award

“Beginning Boutique’s Sarah Timmerman kicked off a killer award winning streak following her takeout of the Retail & Services category at Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards last year. Now, she shares her insights to get you into the spotlight… ‘The Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards work so well because you don’t only get the recognition of being nominated … Read more

Wages Tool For Small Businesses

“Fair Work Australia has unveiled a new pay tool for both employers and employees to calculate wages and entitlements. According to Fair Work Australia, the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) can locate the correct Modern Award for an employee’s position and calculate what wages apply, including any overtime, penalty rates or allowances payable.” Grow Your Business, … Read more