Madhavan Ramanujam Shares 3 Common Pricing Mistakes Companies Make With Products & Services

“Even if you’re having conversations about pricing early on with your customers, there are still ways your company can go wrong. We pulled out 3 common pricing mistakes to avoid that Madhavan Ramanujam, co-author of Monetizing Innovation recently shared with Strategyzer. Watch out for these mistakes. In a recent StratChat episode, Madhavan Ramanujam, co-author of … Read more

11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company’s Innovation Engine

“Big companies have great execution habits to manage and improve proven and successful business models and value propositions. But those execution habits can easily kill any potential new growth engines inside the corporation. In this post we break down the 11 corporate habits killing your company’s innovation engine. How are you avoiding them? Bad Habit … Read more

Sefton Estate, Clayfield, Brisbane, 1885 (Map of the Week)

Plan of Sefton Estate, Clayfield, 1885. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

State Library of Queensland has an extensive collection of historical maps of Queensland, some of which have been digitised and can be viewed online. This real estate map from 1885 advertises over 250 allotments of land for sale at the Sefton Estate, located in the Brisbane suburb of Clayfield. The allotments were situated along London Road, Liverpool … Read more

The new rules of sales and service : how to use agile selling, real-time customer engagement, big data, content, and storytelling to grow your business (book)


Author: David Meerman Scott Sales and service are being radically redefined by the biggest communications revolution in human history. Today buyers are in charge! There is no more ‘selling’— there is only buying. When potential customers have near perfect information on the web, it means salespeople must transform from authority to consultant, product narratives must … Read more

Marian Crawford Dictionary / Pictionary, making ‘Picturing the Island’


Late last month Marian delivered her artists’ book ‘Picturing the island’ along with a companion work ‘Manaeba/meeting house’ which signaled the completion of her work for her Siganto Foundation Creative Fellowship. The final work is a poignant investigation of her childhood home and memories reminisced using historical documentation. Marian provides an insight into her work with this … Read more