NOT everybody is a photographer, and that’s okay, until you find yourself in front of a magnificent sunset in New York City. Founders of Travelshoot, Sarah Peace and Tim Jones, want to ensure that every moment of a vacation is not just documented, but beautifully documented. The concept behind Travelshoot is an on-demand professional photographer … Read more

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman on the important yet “non-obvious” qualities startup founders need

Successful startups need good products and good market fit, but Y Combinator president Sam Altman says there are a number of “non-obvious” skills he also looks for in founders. “The most underrated quality of all is being really determined,” Altman said during a recent Talks at Google session. “This is more important than being smart. This is more important … Read more

Ros Harvey is an IT entrepreneur with an answer for future food crisis

“Agtech is a sexy sector. Who would have thought?” muses Ros Harvey, founder of The Yield. Her bemusement is understandable – farm technology isn’t much to get excited about. But the buzz around agtech is palpable and few people are leading the charge as fervently as Ms Harvey. Across the pastures and vineyards of Australia, farmers are … Read more