The art of startup fundraising : pitching investors, negotiating the deal, and everything else entrepreneurs need to know (book)


Author: Alejandro Cremades The Art of Startup Fundraising takes a fresh look at raising money for startups, with a focus on the changing face of startup finance. New regulations are making the old go-to advice less relevant, as startup money is increasingly moving online. These new waters are all but uncharted and founders need an … Read more

Hug your haters : how to embrace complaints and keep your customers (book)


Author: Jay Baer Technology has evaporated the barriers of complaint. With smart phones and always-on Internet access, consumers complain more often and across more channels, many of them public. This requires a completely new system for instantly finding, evaluating, and addressing these complaints. Jay Baer and Edison Research conducted a landmark study of more than … Read more

SLQ acquires Australia’s largest collection of Bee Gees recordings and memorabilia

Scrapbook from SLQ's Bee Gees collection. Photograph State Library of Queensland

“Is Jackson Estate still there?” enquired the Brothers Gibb about their former home at Cribb Island during a press conference at Brisbane Airport prior to their 3 concert performances at Festival Hall in September 1974. Despite achieving international stardom, the Bee Gees had not forgotten their Queensland roots. The Gibb brothers emigrated to Queensland as … Read more

Get scrappy : smarter digital marketing for businesses big and small (book)


Author: Nick Westergaard It’s an exciting time to be in marketing: The Internet, social media, and content marketing are powerful equalizers, resetting the playing field for businesses large and small. Yet, it’s also a challenging time, with much work to do and an ever-changing array of platforms, features, and networks to master – all on … Read more

The self-made billionaire effect : how extreme producers create massive value (book)


Authors: John Sviokla, Mitch Cohen Scores of billionaires worked for established corporations before they struck out on their own. People like Michael Bloomberg and Mark Cuban went on to build iconic household brands. Why didn’t their former employers hang onto to these people? And why are most big companies unable to create as much value … Read more

Aspiring Indigenous Entrepreneurs set to take over The Edge

Australia's First Indigenous Startup Weekend

Proudly hosted by The Edge, State Library – Australia’s First Indigenous Startup Weekend is a not-for-profit event Powered by Google, which sets out to tackle the development of more Indigenous owned and operated business by increased promotion of Indigenous Entrepreneurship. The event is a social impact initiative organised by two Kamilarioi men, Troy Casey and Dean … Read more