When Fleet launched in 2015, its three founders faced an uphill battle. They had created an IoT nanosatellite technology startup in Adelaide at a time when Australia’s commercial space sector was practically non-existent and – in the absence of a national space agency – they were told the venture would likely fail. Fast-forward to today … Read more

The Brisbane entrepreneurs who cut through US red tape to develop medical devices

A Brisbane medical innovation start-up is revolutionising medical product development in Australia and the US1 by creating their latest product from concept to US FDA approval at two and a half times faster and 65 times cheaper than the US average timeframe and cost to develop a medical device. Orthopaedic innovation and devices company Field Orthopaedics … Read more

Microsoft chief Satya Nadella says we will become “domesticated cats” controlled by robots if we make the wrong choices

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has urged business leaders not to “abdicate” to the power of robots. Speaking to the Economic Club of New York last week, Nadella was critical of tech company founders who claim we will soon be at the mercy of artificial intelligence, but then don’t offer any solutions. Instead, he says it’s the … Read more

High-tech Pirate Life brewery and bar coming to Port Adelaide

Adelaide based brewing company Pirate Life will build a $15 million brewery and bar venue at Port Adelaide’s historic woolstores. The South Australian craft brewer, Pirate Life Brewing, will build one of the largest craft breweries in South Australia. The new site will almost quadruple Pirate Life’s annual production to more than 11 million litres, … Read more

International Mother Tongue Day: 21 February 2018

Wednesday 21 February marks International Mother Language Day – a day set aside by the United Nations to raise awareness of the loss of Indigenous languages across the world. The United Nations  website highlights some sobering statistics about the current state of traditional indigenous languages. More than 50 per cent of the approximately 7,000 languages spoken … Read more

Queenslanders in Conversation – host a live stream event for your community

Image of ABC and SLQ logos

What comes to mind when you hear the term Queensland Lifestyle? This year’s popular Queenslanders in Conversation series will challenge stereotypes, explore the unspoken and acknowledge that while sunshine, beaches and pineapples are a significant part of our appeal, the reality is our lives revolve around a diversity of perspectives, traditions and cultures. A panel … Read more