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Montage compositions in artists’ books and zines. Considering the cut, the paste and the page….

Siganto Foundation Research Fellow Dr Victoria Cooper is passionate about montage. Victoria’s passion for montage is evident in her writing and I look forward to sharing her investigative journey through the collection in the coming months. Here in her first blog, Victoria presents the foundation for what will be an exciting research project. As I … Read more

Australian Library of Art – Artists’ Book Fellowships

memory loss

The Australian Library of Art Artists’ Books Collection at State Library of Queensland is a nationally significant collection. Thanks to the generosity of the Siganto Foundation, the Australian Library of Art at SLQ is offering a further two Artists’ Books Fellowships. The Creative Fellowship is open to artists’ book makers to create a new work … Read more

Looking for Queensland: the poetry and magic of ephemeral evidence III

Clyde_River 1

Clyde ‘s journey as the Siganto Foundation Fellow seeking ‘Queensland’ is gathering momentum as the ephemeral evidence accumulates. Continuing on, scrutinizing the fragments, the temporary bits and pieces lying along the margins of state, of place, the hypotheses of the here and there… I apologise for the number of watercraft, prewrecks, perhaps even priorsinkings that … Read more

Looking for Queensland: the poetry and magic of ephemeral evidence II


Siganto Foundation Fellow Clyde McGill continues his journey, seeking to define Queensland poetically using ephemeral evidence. With water slopping over the stern I realise that aow and i are viewing something other than Timor leste, we haven’t emulated Ian Fairweather’s voyage, even if our raft is similar, we collected coal floating near Mackay, fallen from … Read more