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Clyde McGill’s Book: A remnant of the journey, he said, to the space between us/ to Berlin.


Artist’s book by Clyde McGill.  Plus DVD of accompanying performance. Self-published in Perth, WA 2006. A severe but elegant artist’s book, A4 size on its side – embossed with the title on black cloth cover, housed in a matching black sleeve. There is also a DVD of the performance that ‘matches’ the book and completes … Read more

Telling Tales

Siganto Foundation Research Fellow Dr Lyn Ashby is investigating the artists’ book collection, seeking to discover the many aspects of stories that have been told through the medium of the artists’ book. Here are Lyn’s thoughts as be begins his journey with the artists’ book collection in the Australian Library of Art. Joan Didion once … Read more

‘Fractured Worlds’ (i) : Considering the photomontage work of Peter Lyssiotis

Covers of Feather and prey by Peter Lyssiotis.

Photomontage is the cause before it becomes the picture.  . . . For me, ideas present themselves as a presence. Their full realization depends not so much on thinking them, but rather in making them…. (ii) Spanning several decades of artists’ book production, Peter Lyssiotis’ work both openly probes contemporary political issues, while in many … Read more