45 Years on: Mervyn Moriarty and the Flying Arts School in Queensland.

Ephemera Flying Arts Inc. Australian Library of Art.

October 2016 will see the opening of a retrospective exhibition of the artwork of Mervyn Moriarty at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts Brisbane. The exhibition will pay tribute to Mervyn Moriarty, founder of the Flying Arts School and the Brisbane Institute of Art. It will feature Moriarty’s works from the sixties to the … Read more

An Exhibition of Artists’ books (Sculptural Works)

This land is your land, this land is my land

Since its conception, the artist’s book has gone through many metamorphoses, allowing artists to widen their presence to places and people outside of the gallery. Contemporary artists’ books range from fine craft letterpress works to one-of-a-kind or limited-edition art objects, to political-based zines and comics. The Artists’ Books Collection held in the Australian Library of … Read more

Remnants of The Demolition Show

The Demolition Show at the Observatory Gallery

The State Library has recently made available a fabulous collection of materials relating to an exhibition held at the “Observatory Gallery” in Brisbane. “The Demolition Show” was an exhibition curated by “John Stafford” in 1986 to mark the demise of the relatively short lived Observatory artist-run space and the area that surrounded it, in Little … Read more

Sandgate and Redcliffe acknowledge the work of Kathleen and Leonard Shillam

Len Shillam finishing a bronze sculpture of a penguin 1983

Leonard Shillam was born in 1915 in Brisbane and attended Brisbane Grammar School until 1931. He then enrolled at the Central Technical College in Brisbane. Kathleen O’Neill was born in Devonshire, England 1916. Her father was a freelance artist who worked from home and travelled frequently. In 1920 he visited Australia and encouraged his family … Read more