Introducing the Design Lounge Coordinator

Even from a very young age, I have had an over-active imagination. I loved telling stories to people and trying to convince them they were true. At the age of 6, I first tried my hand at making pictures to go with the stories. It was my first foray into design and in many ways these initial projects were indicative of what was to come in my early design career.

In the four years that I have worked in the visual communication industry, I have been involved in many roles that use graphic design to tell stories. Working with the likes of 826 Valencia & Bluewolf, I was using design to tell stories; stories about communities, brands and shifts in technologies and business.

However, it was during my time at 826 Valencia (see this TED talk for more about 826) that I realised that there was an opportunity for design to have much further implications than pure aesthetic. With this in mind, I completed the Master of Design (Futures) at QCA and participated in and contributed to events like the Design, Action, Leadership & the Future Brisbane Hot House and the Brisbane Sustainability Jam. Getting involved in this program really accentuated the value of interdisciplinary design and education based design initiatives. It also piqued my interest in the intertwined relationship between humans and design and how they both affect and effect each other.

That leads me to right here, right now at the APDL —as the new Design Lounge Coordinator. This is such an exciting new adventure for me & is a culmination of everything I have learned up until now. But the truth is—I’m still learning. Every day that I’m here I am finding out more about design and its evolving role in our lives through the ever-expanding design collection.

More than this though, for me the Design Lounge is about you—the educators and the students, the seasoned design professionals and the uninitiated design dabblers. You all have the capacity to teach me so much, whether it’s through book suggestions or new ideas on how the better improve the services of the design lounge (send them to me here or better yet, come see me at the library). In my time here, I would like to be able to help you to shape the design lounge in a way that is most valuable to you. I have so much to learn from you, the visitors & I hope that I am able to return the favour and teach you something as well.