Activating Space Workshop—Part Two, Workshop Outcomes

In yesterday’s blog post, we highlighted the findings of our recent Activating Spaces Workshop. Today we’ll be looking at the outcomes that resulted from these findings. Here are the changes you can look forward to seeing in the coming months:

 Short Term Projects
Better way finding. This includes larger, clearer signage, colour-coding of book categories, and visual explanation of the design of the lounge. Better connection to the full design collection, available on level 3
Fine-tuning the collection. Further develop the collection as a curated space.  Audit the collection and refine its arrangement within categories to ensure that it remains innovative, relevant and clear

 Medium Term Projects
Visitor participation and collaboration. Start collecting social graph information, expand recommendation system
More visitor engagement and establish more connections. Host an event, design challenge, or book club meeting run for and by our visitors.

 Long-Term Projects
Social graph project. Together with the Discovery Content Officer, develop an avenue through which to explore more information about the design collection:

  • Investigate ways of demonstrating how many people have read/ recommended/ referenced/ connected with a book. 
  • Create a means of tracking and representing this?
  • Create connections between the people who use APDL and this data.
  • Also. investigate ways of connecting people with each other through the generated data.

 A big thank you goes out to all of the participants that contributed to this workshop. We value the input of our community and your contributions help to determine our future direction.

 If you have any exciting ideas about what you would like to see happen in the lounge, get in touch with us! Reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by email( or in the comments.