Working up a Storm in NYC – Using the National Design Library

This week we have been kept very busy working on both the tasks with which we have been assigned for the Workshops at CHSDM and for our own school-based projects. These tasks are very time consuming given that Silas and I are both researching various aspects of the Design Process within the curriculum along the way. Articles about Design Thinking and Learning, Skill Sets, Mind Sets and Knowledge Sets are all phrases that we keep reflecting upon.
We have had the pleasure of using the National Design Library on Level 2 of the Miller-Fox Building where we have been researching the Design Process further and also taking notes about how the installations here at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum are curated.
We now have more freedom to move around the Museum as we have now been issued with our ID badges. The process was interesting and included finger printing and the completion of numerous forms.
We have so many projects on the go at the moment including our personal research and all of the projects relate to the museum in some respect, not to mention the immersion for students into the Design Process. The idea of a ‘common’ language for all teachers about the design process is even more fundamental now and that is something that Silas and I are very interested in pursuing.
We also met this week with Karen Rosner who is the Head of Visual Arts for the New York City Department of Education. She gave us valuable insight and feedback about School Programmes and also about the Workshops were are currently writing for Middle School students and how these would support and further the school system. We felt very happy with the results from this meeting and are now working on improving our workshops and consequently the accompanying resources. Such a big thank you to Michelle Cheng for coordinating this meeting and to Karen for giving up her time to view and speak to us about our work. Below is a photo of us with Karen and also photos of the work we have been preparing for CHSDM and for our school side projects. We managed to cover the tables 3 times with the amount of work we have done.
Next week sees the last week of Design Camp here at CHSDM and the team will begin preparations for the upcoming Workshops and Professional Development Workshops for Teachers for which we are travelling to Philadelphia. Exciting times ahead.

Karen hopefully

Dawn Boland, Karen Rosner and Silas Middleton

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