Acquaint with our new advocate

Carolyn Yip - Portrait greyscale - V1

Meet the newest member of the team – APDL volunteer, Carolyn Yip. Carolyn is helping us out each week and has written a few words of introduction.

People think that design is something that appeals to their emotions, but in fact people are linked to things every day in their environments, unconsciously, without even being aware of it.

– Naoto Fukasawa

If we think actively about design, its value becomes clear. Good design makes for better living. This is why a greater demand for design is transpiring in our community. Industry is engaging further to develop design and services for their clients. Academia is providing additional access to design education or adopting design thinking in their approach to teaching. And the public is gravitating closer to purchase professional designs that are attractive, functional, of high quality, safe, sustainable, economical and innovative.

Governments throughout the Asia Pacific are amplifying this message by giving volume to design in libraries, galleries and museums. Queensland is no exception. Our city-centred Asia Pacific Design Library was developed in response to the Queensland Design Strategy 2020. The initiative contributes to a superior understanding of the value of design by offering people opportunities to experience architecture, interiors, products and so forth. Discovering the tangible design collection on a slow weekend is my personal favourite past time. Have you flicked the pages of a hefty limited edition book, such as Marc Newson. Works?

I voluntarily support the APDL with macro and micro intentions. Outwardly, I hope to progress its worth at a state and international level. Introspectively, I aspire for professional development in the broader design, creative and cultural realms of public service.

I am a familiar face in the design industry with nearly a decade of experience working as an industrial designer, design educator, advocate and co-founder. So I have the capacity to transfer design knowledge to all types of design enthusiasts.

Outside of the APDL I am a co-founder of AUXILIARY, an independent industrial design school that educates and engages emerging designers with industry.  We now offer a trio of intensive programs for high schoolers, tertiary design students, university graduates and professional designers ready to take the next step in their career. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to keep up with our future announcements.

Let’s meet in person soon. Make APDL your next platform to notice design!