The Kombucha Project 2015

Kombucha making process

Kombucha making process

Fancy footwear is where it is at for first year QUT Fashion Design students.

The students have been experimenting with a natural and sustainable substance called Kombucha as part of a design brief to fabricate shoes.

Kombucha is produced by fermenting green tea using a ‘symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast’ or as it is better known ‘scoby’. Kombucha is a natural by-product of this fermentation process and has the properties of a papery leather material which can be used in innovative ways.

Lecturer in Fashion at QUT Creative Industries Faculty, Alice Payne, said the brief was quite open and students were asked to reinterpret the shoe using Kombucha which they made with the assistance of The Edge, Queensland.

Alice said Kombucha is being embraced by the fashion industry and was featured on the catwalk of  Paris Fashion Week thanks to the ingenuity of Australian-born Sacha Laurin who runs Kombucha Couture.

The QUT exhibition will be on display until the rest of this week. Come and see the student’s imaginative designs!

Here is a little bit of information on an interesting take of a Middle Eastern slipper…

Fringe Slipper

Fringe Slipper

Title: Fringe Slipper

Designers: Tom Cope, Eily Shaddock, Alex Bell

Materials: Kombucha, spray paint, thread

Artist Statement:

Inspired by Middle Eastern slippers, this flat slip-on shoe features a pointed toe and decorative fringing. The fringing adorns the entire front surface and can be referred to as Moccasin style fringing. Incorporating a basic flat sole created from multiple pieces of dried kombucha sewn together, the shoe achieves the balance of sturdiness and flexibility of a normal shoe.

Location: The Edge, State Library of Queensland

Date:  until Sun 8 November 2015

Cost: Free