Borrowing from the Design Lounge collection


Did you know that you can borrow books from our amazing Design Lounge collection on level 2? Yes, you can!

To borrow at State Library you must be a Queensland resident and have SLQ membership to obtain your very own library card.

After you get your card, just visit us in the Design Lounge, choose what you’d like to borrow – books, magazines or journals –  and take your selection up to level 3 to be checked out. You are also able to borrow a maximum of 10 items for up to four weeks.

It really is a fairly straight-forward process but you can find out more about the nitty gritty of borrowing in the terms and conditions here.

The hardest thing will be choosing what you’d like to borrow and remembering to bring your books back by the due date!

Happy borrowing everyone!

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