Design Lounge news

Plans are afoot for change in the Design Lounge.

Design Lounge_empty bookshelves

If you’ve been in to visit us recently you may have noticed a new glass enclosed space for temporary displays of travelling design exhibitions or student work. It gives us greater flexibility to display larger, more precious works for the general design-loving public. Earlier this month we could display the works of well-regarded designers who used 3D printing technology.

We are now are in the middle of moving book shelves and rearranging the furniture in the Design Lounge to create a better user experience for visitors. Please bear with us and excuse the minor disruption as the work is being undertaken. The final result will be well worth it and in the meantime it is business-as-usual in the Design Lounge.

We love Aristotle’s view on change: ‘Change in all things is sweet.’