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Design Experiments Workshop

Rapid development in urban areas and complex advances in technology are changing human relationships with built environments. In this workshop, teachers and students collaborate to investigate the question ‘How might we experiment to find new solutions to urban space as cities grow?’ This highly interactive and engaging workshop aims to explore possibilities to enrich a neglected public space in Brisbane. After … Read more

Brisbane Retro Exhibition

There has been a huge interest in retro or mid-century housing design in Australia, with people rediscovering the charms of mid-century architecture through books, film and exhibitions. In a new exhibition called Brisbane Retro, you can discover what Brisbane houses of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s looked like and explore what makes these homes special to their … Read more

See you next year Liz!

  We’re feeling slightly maudlin today as we say farewell to the lovely Liz Watson, APDL Partnerships Coordinator, who is leaving us for six months to take long-service leave. Liz has been a huge presence in the team since the genesis of APDL. Here are a few parting words from Liz: I came on board when the … Read more