Glance at the new Design Lounge Coordinator

Carolyn Yip

Carolyn Yip

With a decade of experience as an industrial design industry and academia professional, I am thrilled to turn a new page in my career.

I recently accepted a temporary contract role in the creative and cultural realms of the public services sector – Design Lounge Coordinator at Asia Pacific Design Library. I will hold this title through to December.

I am excited to positively progress the Design Lounge and Design Collection to engage an Asia Pacific community to experience and discover the value of design.

Firstly I intend to implement outstanding 2015-16 operational strategies. Like the neon cover of James Irvine, here are a couple of actions that caught my attention

  • Strengthen Queensland Library infrastructure by maximising resources. Our new Exhibition Window Display is now ready to be put to good use.
  • Review Design Collection expenditure, taking into account needs of design industry, academia and enthusiasts. Categories bookmarked for expansion include Better Living (Industrial Design and Interior Design) and Fashion.

If you’re interested in supporting the APDL, simply flick me an email with your

  • Exhibition proposal to see your work showcased in the Design Lounge.
  • Book and/or magazine recommendations to find your favourite resources in the Design Collection.

Secondly I will work with the APDL team to ideate, develop and implement a new brighter operational plan for 2016-17. Visit regularly to look out for further changes in the Design Lounge and Design Collection!