APDL is looking for regional design minds ambassadors

APDL is proud to announce the launch of our new Design Minds Regional Ambassador Program.

We are seeking to appoint ambassadors from across regional Queensland who possess the ‘qualities of a 21st century educator’ and have a broad network of influence, ideally through a teaching association or member organisation.

Regional Ambassadors will actively promote Design Minds within their school and associations, contribute ideas and content for the site and meet annually in Brisbane to participate in professional development days.

Image by Becky Strong



Design Minds utilises design thinking to develop the capabilities of successful and creative 21st century citizens within existing education and learning benchmarks.

Design Minds achieves this by explaining design, inspiring through resources and empowering through design thinking toolkits. Design is presented as a process in its simplest form: inquire, ideate, implement and at each stage evaluate.

Design Minds is not about getting rid of what you’re already doing as a teacher, but is rather a way to augment and enhance what already happens in the classroom by accessing and sharing resources and partnering with real world designers, businesses and the broader community.

Want to know more about Design Minds? Check out our ‘About‘ section and watch our video.


For more information, click here or email chenoa.pettrup@slq.qld.gov.au