Meet Dr Charles Zuber

Dr Charles Zuber

Dr Charles Zuber

In our Design Online website you may have come across Dr Charles Zuber’s name in the by-line. Charles is a regular contributor to the APDL and is a favourite in our design network. We’d love to introduce you to him.

Charles was born in the United Kingdom (or Disunited Kingdom as he now calls it post-Brexit), and after leaving St Martin’s Art College, he worked as a designer in Sussex University.

In 1980, he left England with his family to take up a position with the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji as a Graphic Program Officer. After this contract at USP, he and his family migrated to Australia where he worked for the Queensland College of Art from 1983 until 2007.

Charles  holds an Adjunct Senior Lecturer position with Griffith University, and also lectures in visual communication for the Think Group.

Although Charles has had a rich and rewarding academic career, he continues to exhibit and write about visual cultures, in particular, he has an ongoing interest in the cultures of the South Pacific and Asia. His PhD focused on the Indonesian Spice Islands and their role in colonial and postcolonial historical representations.

Charles is also working on a photographic exhibition of swimmers interacting with images painted, by local artist Adam Lester, inside Musgrave Park swimming pools. He has compiled a marvellous collection of underwater photographs which captures swimmers with Adam’s aquatic paintings as a backdrop. “I feel we are travelling together on this path of using art to generate more art. I like that it’s in everybody’s space,” explained Charles.

Over the next few months, Charles will be in the UK where he plans to continue his personal research into Polynesian culture. He’ll be visiting the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge where he will research tapa cloth design for Design Online. We can’t wait to read his always insightful observations.

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