Meet our Design Minds Regional Ambassadors


Photo by Orion Zuyderhoff Gray

What do you get when you mix 13 enthusiastic educators from across Queensland with design thinking skills? Design Minds Regional Ambassadors!

We are delighted to announce the following teachers and educators who have been selected to participate in our Design Minds Regional Ambassadors program:

Ann Weaver, Brett Wass, Sarah Chapman, Graeme Parker, Herman Rijken, Justin Hill, Michelle Hall, Nicola Flanagan, Carol Turnbull, Teela Foot, Nathaniel Staples, Sabine Carter and Ally Lankester.


Our Ambassadors represent diverse regions such as Far North Queensland, North Queensland, Gulf Country,  Moreton Bay Region and Brisbane Metro.

Design Minds is about augmenting and enhancing what already happens in the classroom by accessing and sharing resources and partnering with real world designers, businesses and the broader community.

We are looking forward to meeting our Regional Ambassadors when they come to SLQ soon.

They will gain the skills to present Design Minds workshops in their own communities, while drawing upon SLQ’s support during their time as Regional Ambassadors.