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Digitised @ SLQ: Employment of Polynesian labour in Queensland, 1894

South Sea Islanders cutting cane in the Bundaberg district, ca. 1906. John Oxley Library. State Library of Queensland. Image no APO-032-0001-0018

A few facts in connection with the employment of Polynesian labour in Queensland, 1894 Reviewed By Sharon Nolan, Manager of Published Content, State Library of Queensland The purpose of this 1894 publication is to undermine and contradict the efforts of the Rev Dr Paton who at this time is actively protesting against Polynesian labour engagements on … Read more


Cover: A White Australia: the Kanaka Labor Question…Melbourne 1901,  John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Fielding, Legal Deposit Coordinator, State Library of Queensland A White Australia authored by a “special commissioner” for the Melbourne Herald in September 1901, is essentially about the economic, social and political repercussions of using labour from the South Sea Islands to support the sugar industry in Australia’s north. As the rather convoluted … Read more

Objects with Connections…

Steel bladed Axe, San Cristobal, Solomon Islands. Collected 1883 -1900 by W H Lawrence. Queensland Museum Australian South Sea Islander Kastom Collection. E310. Image courtesy of Queensland Museum.

Objects with a connection to the trade of South Sea Islander labourers can be seen at the Queensland Museum.  Some 736 objects make up the Museum’s Australian South Sea Islander Kastom Collection, which focuses predominantly on objects from Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands that were collected or donated by people who had connection to the South Sea Islander … Read more