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These are the types of people you should seek advice from when starting a business

“As a prospective entrepreneur with a business idea, you definitely want to get feedback on it before you take your first steps towards the execution. Feedback is important. But it’s also where most people make mistakes. They simply don’t ask the right people for it out of fear they’ll steal or ridicule their idea. Instead, … Read more


“The most difficult challenges we face often involve such a presentation of a potentially life-altering choice. Every now and then, life likes to throw us into situations where we see the path diverging in front of us. It’s not too often that you’ll face such a clear-cut scenario, but every so often you’ll find yourself at … Read more

INNOVATION INSIGHTS: How this Australian startup is trying to solve a problem for millions every day around the world

“If you’ve ever found yourself desperately trying to find city parking, you’re not alone. The problem of sourcing parking, especially in central business districts, is a common problem for many Australian commuters who are travelling into the city for work everyday. And it hasn’t been helped by the high costs of parking and number of spaces … Read more

How a new business model helped this startup raise $1 million

“A Melbourne crowdfunding platform for socially conscious projects has raised more than $1 million in seed funding after incorporating a new legal structure into its business model. Since launching in 2013, Chuffed has facilitated more than $7 million in donations for social projects on its platform, CEO Prashan Paramanathan says.” Read more Dinushi Dias StartupSmart 23 Mar 2016

Six tips for doing business in Asia as an Australian startup

“Whether you believe in the concept of the Asian Century or not, the fact is that many Asian nations are fast emerging as political and economic powerhouses – Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia all present Australian businesses with attractive, high-growth opportunities. Because of our proximity to Asia, Australian business owners need to make … Read more