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Admen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising : Essential Lessons for Business and Life (ebook)


Author: Dave Marinaccio A bestselling author and advertising veteran shares a life’s lessons from the ad trade. Dave Marinaccio, cofounder and the creative director of LMO Advertising, is a veteran of the industry who, as a young man starting out, studied stand-up at Second City in Chicago. He later wrote an international bestseller, All I … Read more

Queen of gourmet: Emily McWaters on move from cafe owner to fine food hamper CEO

“It’s rare to meet the chief executive of a company who still does design on the artwork of their product, but for Emily McWaters, attention to detail is everything. McWaters, who founded the SOL Group in 2004, employs both her sisters in selling premium gift hampers to the public as well as high profile corporate clients. “I … Read more

Rise of the Platform Marketer : Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms (ebook)


Authors: Craig Dempster and John Lee The Rise of the Platform Marketer helps you leverage the “always-on” consumer to deliver more personalized engagements across media, channels, and devices. By managing these interactions at scale throughout the customer lifecycle, you can optimize the value of your customers and segments through strategic use of Connected CRM (cCRM). … Read more

The 4G mobile revolution : creation, innovation and transformation at EE (book)


Authors: Olaf Swantee, with Stuart Jackson The 4G Mobile Revolution charts the extraordinary journey of innovation and change at EE, told by its former CEO, Olaf Swantee. This is the story of the highly successful transformation when Orange and T-Mobile merged to form a whole new organization, a whole new brand and a whole new … Read more

Making millionaires: start-up bootcamp climbs the cold, hard mountain to success

“When self-made multimillionaire Creel Price first climbed the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, he pushed himself too hard, got altitude sickness and vomited over the summit sign. But on the way up someone had handed the then 25-year-old a copy of Virgin billionaire Richard Branson’s how-I-did-it bestseller, Losing my Virginity. By the time … Read more

From duped maids to farmers: Asian women lead the way in social business

“At all the peace talks Joji Felicitas Pantoja attended in the conflict-troubled Philippines island of Mindanao, coffee was served to put people at ease. But Pantoja soon realised talking about peace wasn’t enough in communities unable to address basic needs like food and health, sparking an idea to use coffee as a vehicle for change. Setting … Read more

Navigating the Whitewater Rapids of Entrepreneurial Success : Leading Small Business Growth (ebook)


Author: Bret Golann For many entrepreneurs, the transition from start-up to rapid growth is the most difficult and risky time for them and their companies. Failure to manage business growth occurs not because entrepreneurs choose the wrong growth strategy; it’s because leaders and employees fail to execute the right internal strategies to scale up business … Read more