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5 Personal Branding Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Make It Big

In today’s digital world, succeeding as an entrepreneur means building a visible, impactful social brand. A personal brand is defined as attaching monetary value to a person as opposed to a business, service or product. When an entrepreneur’s personal brand is adequately developed, it spells true thought leadership. Compound that with social media marketing, and … Read more

Better than a lemonade stand! : small business ideas for kids (book)

Written by Daryl Bernstein; illustrations by Rob Husberg Filled with delightfully simple business ideas, Better than a Lemonade Stand! is a fun guide packed with creative ideas that show how to start a business with little or no start-up costs, attract and retain customers, develop negotiating skills, and more. Originally written and published when the … Read more

Bitcoin as a constitution

Nobody will ever know whether Satoshi thought that bitcoin would maximize world’s happiness, from an utilitarian point of view, or because he thought financial sovereignty is an end worth pursuing in itself, as a libertarian. One thing is certain: The inherent technical design of Bitcoin was done intentionally to protect financial sovereignty of its users. … Read more

How Entrepreneurs Can Hone Their Management Skills to Fuel Production

Productivity has become a national obsession. Countless books, articles, podcasts and videos promise the secrets to wringing a few extra minutes out of the workday or boosting organizational output. But, for all that talk, the United States hasn’t exactly been setting any productivity records. After several years of meager growth, the U.S. Bureau of Labor … Read more

Explainer: what is reflation and is Australia experiencing it?

Since the 2007 global financial crisis, policy makers have been fighting deflationary (falling prices) and disinflationary (prices rising at slow rate) pressures. But the global economy finally appears to be entering reflation – a period of higher prices together with stronger growth. This is good news for households, businesses and governments around the world. Reflation … Read more

Turn Waste into Wealth : How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company (ebook)

Authors: Mark C. DeLuzio and Jeffrey J Fox Cash is lying around everywhere in companies. It’s in warehouses and on shelves, hiding in plain sight as inventory. It litters administrative offices, disguised as incorrect invoices, late billings, sloppy requests from salespeople. It sits in company lobbies waiting for sales calls to start. All that cash … Read more

Airbnb executive Chip Conley on how baby boomers in tech companies and startups can avoid “years of irrelevance”

People “of a certain age” who work for new tech companies filled with ambitious, young guns have an opportunity to both learn and teach because of their age, according to entrepreneur and Airbnb executive Chip Conley. Despite building global hotel brand Joie de Vivre Hospitality and being a bestselling author, Conley says entering a tech … Read more

SafetyCulture founder Luke Anear on how to use emotion to grow a multimillion-dollar startup

Luke Anear is currently focused on securing market dominance for his workplace safety apps, but his fast-growing startup SafetyCulture is a long way from where his entrepreneurial career started. Before approaching a developer to help him create a product that would empower workers on the ground to complete vital occupational health and safety checklists to … Read more