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Fusion : how integrating brand and culture powers the world’s greatest companies (book)

Author: Denise Lee Yohn The author examines some of the world’s greatest organizations and reverse-engineers their greatness – specifically how they’ve integrated what’s on the inside (culture) with what’s on the outside (brand) for remarkable results. Through detailed case studies, interviews with industry leaders, findings from respected academic research and drawing on her own experience … Read more

Aussie startups want to be a part of it: New York, New York

The US remains one of our most compelling offshore opportunities. With limited resources, focus is incredibly important when expanding offshore. So, where’s the first port of call? Each business will need to weigh up factors such as target market, talent, funding and ease of migration (visas, language, culture), among others. However, my strong bet is … Read more

Why these engineering students turned startup founders are now working on a stargazing product for the blind

They’ve developed a digital tape measure, secured seed funding, and taken home the national James Dyson award, but the founders of OSeyeris are aiming even higher, creating a stargazing app for the visually impaired. Founded by University of Queensland engineering students Jake Dean and Yuma Antoine Decaux, who lost his sight in 2009, OSeyeris was … Read more

CannPal to file with FDA after positive and “surprising” results for cannabis pet medicine

Having the data now to actually move forward and file an INAD is definitely what we’re excited about,” says CannPal Animal Therapeutics (ASX: CP1) founder and managing director Layton Mills. An INAD (Investigational New Animal Drug) application in the US may not sound exciting to most, but in pharmaceutical development it signifies a leap seldom … Read more

The customer isn’t always right: What employers can do to stop worker abuse

Another year, another media campaign about the abuse of retail-sector workers. Retail union the SDA has released the findings from its annual survey into rates of worker abuse in the retail industry, finding 87% of more than 1000 responding fast-food workers have experienced verbal abuse or aggressive behaviour. Last year, a survey of over 6,000 … Read more

In a Spin: Scooter startup acquired for $140 million just two years after launch

San Francisco scooter startup Spin has been acquired, reportedly for $US100 million ($138.8 million), less than two years after it first hit the streets. In a Medium post, Spin’s founders confirmed the startup has been acquired by multinational vehicle manufacturer Ford, and said it will operate as a standalone business within Ford’s Smart Mobility division. … Read more

R&D debacle: Will Aussie startups be dissuaded from taking advantage of tax incentive?

A crackdown on the government’s research and development (R&D) tax incentive scheme could deter early-stage startups from making claims altogether, to the detriment of innovation in Australia. Earlier this week, the Australian Financial Review reported Australian startups including Airtasker have been ordered to repay millions in R&D tax incentives claimed in previous years. According to … Read more

In a perfect world: Canva’s Melanie Perkins dreams about the future of Australian startups

For a moment, let’s imagine we are in a privileged position where both sides of the government realise the immense importance of startups to Australia’s future and the incredible amount of job creation startups can bring. Let’s imagine our ministers really, truly wanted to become a ‘startup nation’ and to take the world forward through … Read more