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How early contributions affect crowdfunding success

“Entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on internet crowdfunding – the use of online platforms to raise money from multiple contributors. It’s reported that active global crowdfunding platforms generated more than US$34.4 billion (A$45 billion) in 2015. The World Bank estimates the crowdfunding industry will reach US$90 billion by 2020. In terms of scale, crowdfunding has become … Read more

What Self-Made Millionaires Know That Most People Don’t : 52 Ways to Create Your Own Success (ebook)

Author: Ann Marie Sabath Confucius said that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. The same principle applies to becoming a self-made millionaire, except this journey is a little shorter, comprising just 52 common sense practices. Featuring interviews with a wide-ranging list of self-made millionaires, you will be astonished to see how anyone can … Read more

Queensland startup ANTI is creating a snowsports helmet that’s as comfortable as a beanie

It looks like a soft beanie and has the strength of a helmet: budding startup ANTI. is creating a snow sports product that sounds so radical on paper, yet it was just a series of home experiments with non-Newtonian materials helped form the idea that a beanie could be created to maximise comfort and safety. Medical engineering … Read more

Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs join forces to disrupt the blockchain market

Blockchain, the original and leading tech structure which is behind crypto mainstay Bitcoin, has met its match in a newer and simpler tech platform created in collaboration between Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs. Australian based TrustNote Foundation and Chinese entrepreneurs from the Achain Foundation have teamed up to created TrustNote, a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based … Read more

Digital branding : a complete step-by-step guide to strategy, tactics, tools and measurement (book)

Author: Daniel Rowles This book provides step-by-step, practical guidance on how to build a brand online and quantify it through tangible results. It draws together each of the core marketing avenues such as content marketing, social media, search engine optimization and web analytics, to deliver a robust framework for brand planning, identity, channel selection and … Read more

Barayamal Centre of Entrepreneurship to open in Brisbane to support Indigenous businesses

Indigenous entrepreneurship organisation Barayamal is set to open the Barayamal Centre of Entrepreneurship (BCE) in Brisbane next month to foster the growth of First Nations businesses. Along with an event space and meeting room, the BCE will offer coworking space for up to 30 entrepreneurs. Dean Foley, founder and managing director of Barayamal, said the space aims … Read more