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Lord Mayor of London praises Australia’s “flourishing” fintech scene, plugs support for new ‘bridge’

In a rare visit to Australia last week, the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Charles Bowman, expressed his full support for the upcoming fintech ‘bridge’ between Australia and UK and praised the local fintech scene as being almost on par with renowned fintech hub London. Speaking to a packed room at co-working and tech startup … Read more

Ipswich set to trial electric driverless shuttle buses

A French company that has developed and launched driverless electric shuttle buses in 20 countries will next week trial their driverless electric mini-bus at Springfield near Ipswich. This follows trials along the Esplanade at Mooloolaba in December 2017 and their introduction at big business sites in California and Singapore in 2015. They have also been trialled … Read more

Why this real estate startup wants to buy your house before you’ve even sold it

Sydney based startup Sellable is hoping to change up the property sector by offering younger, time-poor homeowners “the Uber experience” when it comes to selling their homes. Latching on to the increasing ‘economy of convenience’ and instant gratification, Sellable will instantly purchase houses from homeowners for an agreed upon minimum price, before renovating and marketing … Read more

Content agency The Pulse receives $560,000 government commercialisation grant for VR education platform

Australian content and tech agency The Pulse has received a $559,000 commercialisation grant from the federal government to help it develop and sell its virtual reality education platform. While The Pulse was founded in 1996, the company’s VR-focused venture – The Pulse IQ – is “almost a spin-off business”, according to managing director Brett Heil, … Read more

Dawn of the new everything : a journey through virtual reality (book)

Author: Jaron Lanier Imagine you could have a different body. What would you be? Imagine you could inhabit a different world. Where would go? Imagine if the only restrictions whatsoever were the limits of your imagination. What would you do? Welcome to the great adventure of our times. Inventor, philosopher and visionary computer scientist Jaron … Read more