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Payments startup QPay wants to be the challenger bank for millennials and has $570,000 from Sydney Angels to get there

Born from an online student-focused ticketing, merch, and memberships marketplace, payments startup QPay’s newest vision is to be the challenger bank for millennials — and the founders reckon they’ll be first to the punch. The startup originated in early 2015 in Canberra, operating as a small online marketplace where students at the Australian National University could … Read more

How HiSmile scaled from $10 million in revenue to eyeing off $100 million by setting infinite goals

When Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner wiped billions of Snapchat’s share price earlier this year with a single tweet, the co-founders of teeth whitening business HiSmile were thrilled at the opportunity she has presented them. HiSmile founders Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic have seen the impact of Jenner’s influence first hand: one of her Instagram … Read more

Secrets to making a marriage work when you’re in business together

There’s nowhere to hide if you work with your spouse and you’re both psychologists. While I imagine this might be reasonably frustrating, it’s also a huge source of strength for Alison and Darren Hill, who run a business called Pragmatic Thinking. The company helps its clients better manage their people. “Building a fast-growth business is really hard. … Read more

Inside a venture capital fund’s dealflow: The thousands of startups seen by type, trend and more

Australian venture capital funds get pitched to by hundreds and hundreds of businesses on a regular basis, but despite the numerous active funds in Australia, the inner machinations of the types and size of those businesses are often left to guesswork. However, continuing their line of posts aimed to increase the transparency of the VC … Read more

Business deals will be ‘consummated in the sand’ at Commonwealth Games

More than 1,500 trade and industry delegates from around the world will be “doing deals with sand between their toes” on the Gold Coast next week as the Commonwealth Games gets underway. The trade and industry representatives, including some from the world’s fastest growing economies, will do deals with each other and investors as part … Read more

Small Money Big Impact : Impact Investing, Microfinance and Real Returns (ebook)

Authors: Peter A. Fanconi and Patrick Scheurle This book explores and explains the globally growing importance of impact investing. Today, the investor’s perspective has become as important as the actual social impact. Based on their experience with over 25 million micro borrowers, the authors delve into the mechanics, considerations, data and strategies that make microloans … Read more

‘Fitbit for cows’ set to revolutionise beef industry from paddock to plate

An electronic tracking ear tag being developed for cattle could forever change the way graziers manage both livestock and farmland. Researchers from James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville are collaborating with the Queensland Department of Science, the CSIRO and commercial partner Ceres Tag to adapt GPS technology for small, affordable livestock ear tags. Computational chemistry … Read more