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Entrepreneur’s Guide: Start up, Scale up, IPO – PDF Download

A new book, Entrepreneur’s Guide: Start up, Scale up, IPO by renowned San Francisco publisher Tim Dempsey was launched this month, featuring contributions from some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Sponsored by the ASX and NAB, the book serves as a resource of practical advice for entrepreneurs at every stage of the startup journey. … Read more

What startups and corporates should know about working with each other

The pressure on corporates to optimise their current operations while simultaneously building their business for tomorrow is being felt more than ever. Disruption is occurring everywhere and the rate and impact of emerging technologies is phenomenal, so massive in fact that even understanding and predicting what their business needs to look like for the future … Read more

Atlassian’s Dom Price shares four key ingredients for scaling a startup

Over 15 years, Atlassian has grown from fledgling startup to employing 2500 people across nine countries, and the company’s head of R&D and ‘work futurist’ Dom Price says it’s all down to strong company values — and strong examples from the top. A lot of businesses don’t necessarily consider the transition from being a small, close-knit … Read more

Faster Together : Accelerating Your Team’s Productivity (ebook)

Author: Laura Stack There are more roadblocks to productivity today than ever before. Everyone who works must deal with countless emails, constant communication, cascading deadlines, and seemingly endless meetings. These can be managed efficiently, or they can be a huge time suck. When you’re surrounded by slow-moving coworkers, you’re stuck in a traffic jam of … Read more


Online purchases continue to grow with more Australians shopping online than ever before. New research from Australia Post indicates total purchases topping $21.3 billion for the first time, a 18.7% increase compared with 2016 with local retailers accounting for more than 80% of the total spend. Australia Post today released its annual Inside Australian Online Shopping … Read more