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The business of excellence : building high-performance teams and organizations (book)

Author: Justin Hughes This book offers a unique and compelling perspective on the drivers of excellence in teams and organizations. The author, Justin Hughes, brings an unusual mix of experience and insight, having worked as a management consultant to some of the world’s most successful organizations, in addition to having served for 12 years as … Read more

Queensland Government Digital Scorecard

Test how prepared your business is for challenges operating in a digital economy by taking the Queensland Government’s FREE online Digital Scorecard assessment. The Digital Scorecard is an online assessment, and awareness tool to help organisations prepare for the opportunities and challenges of operating in the digital economy. The main target market is SMEs and not-for-profits, although … Read more

This former Wall Streeter turned down $2 million and pays herself less than her interns in order to build her company on her own terms

Kimberley Ho is a former Wall Street investor who launched her own direct-to-consumer family skincare company, Evereden. Ho turned down $US2 million in funding from venture capitalists. Ho also said that she’s currently the lowest paid employee at her company. Kimberley Ho is building a skincare company that she hopes will someday be just as … Read more


An integrated cloud-based business platform will revolutionise and simplify accounting, payroll, banking and daily operations for Australian small and medium businesses from July 2018.  Combining the business expertise and software development teams of KPMG Australia (business advisory), CBA (banking) and Microsoft (technology platforms), Wiise is targeting SMEs that see themselves as having more complex needs … Read more

The government has pledged $430,000 to research the risks of AI and IoT

The federal government has commissioned new research into the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), to the tune of $427,941. Two reports — one into AI and one into IoT, commissioned for just over $200,000 each — will be conducted by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) and consider … Read more

A $35 million tech company is giving employees the freedom to choose their hours, where they work, and the meetings they attend — and it’s a millennial’s dream perk

Tech firm Verve gives employees the freedom to choose their hours, where they work, and the meetings they attend, making it a millennial’s dream company. Millennials, who make up the majority of Verve’s workforce, in general work more hours and forfeit more vacation days than previous generations. Verve’s cofounder Callum Fergus-Fancey, a high school dropout, … Read more