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“I’m not here to back lemonade stands”: Steve Baxter on the best age to become an entrepreneur

When is the best time in your life to start a business or become an entrepreneur? It’s a long-running debate, with some thinking you should be as young and hungry and others thinking you should be older and more experienced. While the correct answer is probably ‘whenever works best for you’, Queensland’s chief entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Steve … Read more

Co-create : how your business will profit from innovative and strategic collaboration (book)

Authors: David Nour; illustrations by Lin Wilson What if your customers had a vested interest in guiding your company toward greater success? What if your employees had a personal as well as professional commitment to elevating your organization? Imagine how different your results would be if investors, vendors, and even analysts treasured the relationship they … Read more

Biotech startup Paragen Bio raises $6 million for its work fighting diseases with parasitic worms

Queensland biotech startup Paragen Bio has launched in spectacular fashion with an initial $6 million investment to continue developing new treatments for autoimmune diseases, using secretions from parasitic hookworms. The James Cook University-based startup has received funding from US-based AbbVie Ventures, the venture capital arm of biopharmaceutical company AbbVie, as well as Australian venture capital … Read more

Companies are buying these portable soundproof rooms like crazy to fix the worst thing about their open floor offices

Room is a new company that’s created private, semi-soundproof phone booths for noisy, crowded offices. Already, the company has snagged high profile clients like NASA, Salesforce, and Nike. Room says they’re on track to sell $US10 million worth of product in their first year of business. If you work in an open office, it’s likely … Read more

Post-capitalist entrepreneurship : startups for the 99% (book)

Author: Boyd Cohen This book details the implications of the post-capitalist society on entrepreneurship around the globe, and it challenges many of our underlying assumptions about how entrepreneurs form startups and the objectives and roles, or lack thereof, of startup investors in a post-capitalist society. The author explores real emerging stories about different forms of … Read more