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State by state: A September update on Australia’s property markets

Which property market forecasts are you going to believe? Those from the media outlets who say our property market is ‘collapsing’? Or perhaps those of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who after consulting with the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has concluded we’re in for an “orderly” soft landing in the Sydney and Melbourne … Read more

“People thought we sold dog treats”: Business owners reveal the secret to choosing a good business name

What’s in a name? Well, if you ask some of the world’s biggest new-age companies, the answer would probably surprise you. Success stories such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and IKEA all have instantly recognisable names, but fairly strange reasons for choosing them in the first place. Google, for example, was initially going to be called … Read more

Crucial lessons from the C-suite: Grow yourself to grow your company

It took three years of building a successful medical device startup company before Nina Quinn was headhunted to become the CEO of Neurosensory. Quinn’s transition in taking Neurosensory from a South East Queensland business turning over $5 million, to a multi-clinic enterprise now spanning three states wasn’t an easy one. Had she not embraced her … Read more

Becoming Facebook : the 10 challenges that defined the company disrupting the world (book)

Author: Mike Hoefflinger Facebook’s founding is legend: In a Harvard dorm, wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg invented a new way to connect with friends…and the rest is history. But for the people who actually molded this great idea into a game-changing $300 billion company, the experience was far more tumultuous and uncertain than we might expect. Mike … Read more

Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph on the three things successful startup founders have in common

There’s no fail-safe recipe for startup success, but there are some things founders tend to have in common, according to Netflix founding chief executive Marc Randolph. Speaking at ‘The Uncut Story of Netflix’, an event hosted by StartCon at Melbourne Town Hall on Monday, Randolph explained the $220 billion streaming giant he co-founded with Reed Hastings in … Read more

Blackbird Ventures: Unlocking “unprofitable beasts” and why they need more patient capital

Companies are staying private for longer than ever before with abundant capital on offer, but the flipside is that sizeable global funds are entering the Australian market earlier to make their mark on the startup community. Meanwhile, local public equity funds are often unable to do the same due to mandates that don’t allow investments … Read more