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Smarketing : how to achieve competitive advantage through blended sales and marketing (book)

Authors: Tim Hughes, Adam Gray and Hugo Whicher Since the earliest days of ‘modern’ marketing and sales, the departments that ran these key functions have been separate empires. They have different leaders, different budgets, and different organizational structures. However, with the overwhelming impact of continuous disruption, many organizations have been left floundering, unsure of how … Read more

Man Up : How to Cut the Bullshit and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life) (ebook)

Author: Bedros Keuilian “But I can’t . . .” “There’s no way . . .” “It’s impossible . . .” Enough. Get off your ass make your “someday” goals a priority—today. After years of coaching and consulting hundreds of startup rookies as well as seasoned entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs, Bedros Keuilian realized that most people … Read more

Why People Don’t Believe You… : Building Credibility from the Inside Out (ebook)

Authors: Rob Jolles and Brian Tracy For some, projecting confidence and credibility is second nature. For others, it seems like a foreign language they’ll never learn – until now. Rob Jolles delivers down-to-earth solutions for anyone looking to enhance the most basic need of all; to be believed. He leverages his over 30 years of … Read more

Aussie skincare tech on show at CES Las Vegas with Olay

An Australian smartphone skincare analysis technology developed with the world’s largest consumer products company is being showcased at innovation conference CES in Las Vegas. Perth-based OBJ (ASX:OBJ) reached a patent and know how license agreement for its electro-magnetic technology with Procter & Gamble (P&G) in March last year. At the time, OBJ managing director Jeffrey … Read more

“Very early entry” with AR takes Domino’s into uncharted food retail territory

With $1.6 billion in online sales worldwide representing almost two-thirds of its business, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (ASX: DMP) is upping the ante to make sure it stays at the vanguard of digital tech development. The company is now around two months in since the launch of an augmented reality (AR) Pizza Chef for its ordering … Read more

Ninja selling : subtle skills. big results (book)

Author: Larry Kendall Stop Selling! Start Solving! Larry Kendall transforms the way readers think about selling. He points out the problems with traditional selling methods and instead offers a science-based selling system that gives predictable results regardless of personality type. This book teaches readers how to shift their approach from chasing clients to attracting clients. … Read more


AUSTRALIAN women are encouraged to upskill in data and technology in preparation for a future dominated by the technology industry. Global not-for-profit organisation, She Loves Data, is the founder of a worldwide movement to help Australian women upskill in data and technology regardless of their career background. She Loves Data CEO and co-founder, Jana Marle-Zizkova, … Read more