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Identity Designed : The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding (ebook)

Author: David Airey Ideal for students of design, independent designers, and entrepreneurs who want to expand their understanding of effective design in business, Identity Designed is the definitive guide to visual branding. Written by best-selling writer and renowned designer David Airey, this book formalizes the process and the benefits of brand identity design and includes … Read more

The laws of brand storytelling : win — and keep — your customers’ hearts + minds (book)

Authors: Ekaterina Walter + Jessica Gioglio We have been sharing stories from the beginning of human civilization — for good reason. Stories captivate our attention and build communities by bringing ideas, emotions, and experiences to life in a memorable way. This is proving to be an increasingly potent strategy in the era of the connected … Read more

The creative shopkeeper (book)

Author: Lucy Johnston Despite many predictions that the internet and e-commerce would kill brick-and-mortar, independent retail is far from dead. While big-chain retailers have suffered through lack of originality, new independent retailers are rapidly growing in number, rejuvenating neighbourhoods across the world. Flexible, pop-up shops are becoming an increasingly popular and effective strategy not only … Read more

The Franchisee Handbook : Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Franchise (ebook)

Authors: Mark Siebert and Robert Cresanti Why start a business from scratch when you can have a piece of the greatest expansion strategy ever conceived? Franchising is BIG and getting bigger in every sector—from restaurants and coffee chains to pet care and insurance. There is a franchise for everything and everyone. As a potential franchise … Read more

Marketing your startup : the Inc. guide to getting customers, gaining traction, and growing your business (book)

Author: Simona Covel To put a business on the map, nothing beats great marketing. No matter how original your idea or ambitious your dreams, the company will stall without a plan to spread the word, build momentum, and drive sales. But how many entrepreneurs excel at marketing? If you are like most, you are focused … Read more

Digitized: Industry Transformation and Disruption through Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Industry Transformation And Disruption Through Entrepreneurship And Innovation (ebook)

Author: Gali Einav Over the past ten years, industries such as music, retail, journalism, advertising, and health information have experienced massive and wrenching disruption. Dominant players have been displaced and often marginalized by innovative, entrepreneurial competitors. The same digital transformation has now migrated to more traditional sectors. Just as the Industrial Revolution created distinct winners … Read more

Lean impact : how to innovate for radically greater social good (book)

Author: Ann Mei Chang Despite enormous investments of time and money, are we making a dent on the social and environmental challenges of our time? What if we could exponentially increase our impact? Around the world, a new generation is looking beyond greater profits, for meaningful purpose. But, unlike business, few social interventions have achieved … Read more