24/7: The start-ups where someone’s on deck day and night

Ben Webster runs a team of close to 30 staff, but he hasn’t met every one of his employees.

“I feel like it’s a small risk, but a manageable one. People can communicate over video and over Slack, and there are lots of small nuances you can get through that,” he says.

The founder of white label travel insurance platform Insured By Us manages his team across 12 locations and five time zones, meaning the company is humming at all hours of the day and night.

Webster set up the business like this intentionally, having previously run a digital agency where he found the demands of agency life were taking their toll.

“I was going to die by the time I was 35. I wanted to work differently,” he says.

When launching his second business, the goal was to find the best staff anywhere in the world.

Having different parts of the business work across different time zones resulted in greater flexibility for everyone, even if it meant a big part of communications was via instant messenger. Read more

Emma Koehn – Brisbane Times – 3 Feb 2019