9 Startups Changing the Fabric of Fashion

Consumers increasingly demand products that cruelty-free and sustainable, but with no compromise in quality.

As ethically minded consumers become aware of how materials are obtained and demand another kind of change for their dollar, diverse businesses around the world are lining up to cash in on vegan leather enterprises. Many companies — among them Land Rover, Tesla and H&M — are shedding their animal skins to grow new business and investment opportunities.

“The attitude toward animal byproducts is changing,” says Land Rover Design Director Gerry McGovern. “Personally, I’d be quite happy to move away from leather tomorrow. I don’t like that we have to slaughter all those cows to create leather.”

He’s right on the money about a shift in attitude. According to a recent report, the global synthetic-leather market is expected to reach $85.05 billion by 2025. Tesla has helped lead the charge by offering innovative, high-tech vegan leather that reduces the automaker’s carbon footprint while enhancing its focus on sustainability. In the world of fashion, popular retailer H&M is committed to becoming “climate positive,” which means using materials that reduce emissions. To fast-track this goal, H&M is helping fund a company that’s making leather out of wine. Read more

Annie Brainard – Entrepreneur – 18 Sep 2017