Crowd funding : how to raise money and make money in the crowd (book)


Author: Modwenna Rees-Mogg Financial expert Modwenna Rees-Mogg describes these methods of raising finance and helps you to choose the right route for you. Comprehensive and accessible, it explores every aspect of this exciting new topic including: the different types of crowd funding, what the crowd likes to fund, how to persuade the crowd to invest … Read more

What investor strike? Equity crowdfunding enjoys strong start to 2016 despite controversial reforms

“Australian investors are continuing to fund deserving local startups despite increasing concerns about a so-called “investor strike”, VentureCrowd general manager Luke Fay says. Both the federal opposition and several members of the startup community have voiced concerns about investors closing their wallets until the startup tax incentives included in the innovation statement come into effect in July.” Read more … Read more

How a new business model helped this startup raise $1 million

“A Melbourne crowdfunding platform for socially conscious projects has raised more than $1 million in seed funding after incorporating a new legal structure into its business model. Since launching in 2013, Chuffed has facilitated more than $7 million in donations for social projects on its platform, CEO Prashan Paramanathan says.” Read more Dinushi Dias StartupSmart 23 Mar 2016

Crowdfunding laws a turnoff for venture capitalists

“Any business that raises capital using equity crowdfunding laws that passed the House Of Representatives on February 10 will have no chance of attracting venture capital investors in future, a leading angel investor says. Adrian Bunter, a prominent member of the Sydney Angels investor group, says venture capitalists won’t want the hassle of investing in businesses with potentially … Read more

How startups can utilise crowdfunding and minimise the risks

“Crowdfunding has rapidly emerged as an alternative source of financing for startups and new ventures. From artistic endeavours such as Marina Abramovic’s Institute project to new tech like the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and the Pebble smartwatch, crowdfunding has become increasingly mainstream.” Read more Rama Kanungro StartupSmart 8 Jan 2016

Crowded out: how crowdsourcing for startups turned into business as usual

“Crowdfunding has been hailed by some as the “democratisation of finance”. To many, it is viewed as a key alternative source of finance where we can all get involved in backing new companies through either donations or the purchase of equity. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked out like that.” Read more Ross Brown & Suzanne Mawson StartupSmart 17 Dec … Read more

VentureCrowd’s latest deal makes it easier for Australian start-ups to attract international funding

“One of Australia’s most exciting investment platforms announced today that it raised $2 million at a pre-money valuation of $10 million. VentureCrowd, the equity-based crowdfunding arm of Artesian Venture Partners, raised the money through both a small group of cornerstone investors and its own equity crowdfunding platform, which could prove invaluable to an Australian startup scene … Read more

Small Business Minister Kelly O’Dwyer announces easing of regulations on equity crowdfunding

“More than six months after the Murray Financial System Inquiry recommended changes to Australia’s equity crowdfunding regulations, federal Small Business Minister Kelly O’Dwyer yesterday announced that the government is set to ease regulations and allow ‘mum and dad’ investors to invest in startups and small businesses.” Read more Gina Baldassare, Startup Daily, 17 Nov 2015