Co-create : how your business will profit from innovative and strategic collaboration (book)

Authors: David Nour; illustrations by Lin Wilson What if your customers had a vested interest in guiding your company toward greater success? What if your employees had a personal as well as professional commitment to elevating your organization? Imagine how different your results would be if investors, vendors, and even analysts treasured the relationship they … Read more

‘They start with a fingernail and end with an arm’: Restaurants farewell Foodora

Restaurant owners are not surprised by Foodora’s exit from Australia, with some saying the food delivery firm’s reliance on bikes rather than cars put it at a significant disadvantage to the likes of UberEats. Foodora announced on Thursday it would stop operating in Australia by the end of August. Burger Urge co-founder Sean Carthew says it soon became … Read more

“It’s amazing we survived”: Collabosaurus founder Jessica Ruhfus on bootstrapping, scaling and sleeping on the floor

In 2015, Jessica Ruhfus was back living with her parents, sleeping on her sister’s bedroom floor and working three jobs just to keep her business collaboration startup Collabosaurus off the ground. Five years later, she’s busy drumming up support for her first capital raise and getting ready to jet off to San Francisco, where she … Read more

Curbing competition: how to make your business stand out from the pack

When it comes to highly competitive industries, even the slightest differences between companies can make or break a relationship with potential clients. Take IT for instance; business competitors at the top of that game use similar hardware, provide similar services and they achieve similar outcomes. But of course, there are still many IT companies that … Read more

Never lose a customer again : turn any sale into lifelong loyalty in 100 days (book)

Author: Joey Coleman Award-winning speaker and business consultant Joey Coleman teaches audiences and companies all over the world how to turn a one-time purchaser into a lifelong customer. Coleman’s theory of building customer loyalty isn’t about focusing on marketing or closing the sale: It’s about the First 100 Days after the sale and the interactions … Read more

How Showpo’s Jane Lu took radical action to get her $30 million fashion retailer out of a “rut”

A video recently released by founder of prominent fashion retailer Showpo Jane Lu has gone viral over the past two weeks, but not for the usual reasons. There was no wild sales or hilarious office pranks, and the company’s workers didn’t band together to buy Lu a Tesla. Instead, the video was simply of Lu in front … Read more

Need templated forms, business plan samples or industry reports? Check out ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database!

Members of the Business Studio now have access to the full version of the ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database! This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly – including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings – to a full toolkit … Read more