Align : Get Your Team on the Same Page, Discover Clients’ Needs, Develop Better Products (ebook)

Author: Laura Marie Reese Understanding what customers want is neither easy nor obvious — but it is essential for all companies. In this guide, expert Laura Reese walks you through the pitfalls and possibilities of customer interactions. Focusing on business-to-business fields, she demonstrates how to run face-to-face meetings that solicit valuable feedback and shares simple … Read more

Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) : (24 Reasons People Are Leaving You for Competitors, and How to Win Them Back*) (ebook)

Authors: David Avrin and Larry Winget In this book, popular customer experience and marketing speaker David Avrin makes a compelling case for customer experience as a bankable differentiator in an era of vast marketplace choices. The book lays out the very visible reasons for the recent shift in customer mindset and expectation, illustrates the myriad … Read more

The Customer Centricity Playbook : Implement a Winning Strategy Driven by Customer Lifetime Value (ebook)

Authors: Peter Fader and Sarah E. Toms How did global gaming company Electronic Arts go from being named “Worst Company in America” to clearing a billion dollars in profit? They discovered a simple truth—and acted on it: Not all customers are the same, regardless of how they appear on the surface. The most successful companies, … Read more

Affected : emotionally engaging customers in the digital age (book)

Authors: Cara Wrigley & Karla Straker How can you create meaningful connections with customers in the digital space? The rapid emergence of new technologies has revolutionised the way companies build relationships and interact with their customers. Today, it’s more important than ever to have an emotional understanding of customers and how they feel about a … Read more

Creating a Customer Service Mindset (ebook)

Author: Jaquie Scammell If you’re looking to transform the customer service culture in your organisation, to decrease complaints and increase compliments, Jaquie Scammell’s approach is simple and more human than simply introducing better processes and procedures – and her approach works. Jaquie has studied Australian organisations that provide the best customer service, and from this … Read more


Entrepreneurs Mario Hasanakos and Alex Badran have revolutionised the ‘piggy bank’ with Spriggy, a banking app for families to encourage children to ‘turn pocket money into practical life lessons’. Since its launch in November 2016, Spriggy has welcomed more than 160,000 members to its Spriggy family.  The app provides children with a digital piggy bank, … Read more

100 practical ways to improve customer experience : achieve end-to-end customer engagement in a multichannel world (book)

Authors: Martin Newman with Malcolm McDonald Virtually all consumer-facing businesses talk about putting the customer first, but in reality, few deliver on this as effectively as they could. This book walks readers through a wealth of practical tips, tools, guidelines and frameworks, for implementing customer-focused marketing strategies at every step of the customer journey. By … Read more

Conversation Marketing : How to Be Relevant and Engage Your Customer by Speaking Human (ebook)

Authors: Kevin Lund and Joe Pulizzi Each of us sees more than 5,000 marketing messages every day. In such a crowded marketplace, brands are scrambling to find new ways to cut through the clutter to reach consumers. With such intense competition, it’s critical to stand apart beyond service and price. This book will help you … Read more

Customer Experience Innovation : How to Get a Lasting Market Edge (ebook)

Authors: Robert Dew and Cyrus Allen Companies who invest in successful Customer eXperience (CX) innovation stand out from the crowd. Markets tend to reward these companies because it is rare for firms to try something new, much less prove customer acceptance of their attempted innovations. Firms offering remarkable CX create loyal customers who happily pay … Read more