The Customer Loyalty Loop : The Science Behind Creating Great Experiences and Lasting Impressions (ebook)

Author: Noah Fleming How do you grow a truly sustainable business in the hypercompetitive 21st century? By using the practical, psychology-based strategies in this book to dive into the mind of your customer and enhance your business’s customer experience by creating “buying loops” that keep your customers coming back for more. The Customer Loyalty Loop … Read more

Connected CRM : implementing a big-data-driven, customer-centric business strategy (ebook)


Author: David S. Williams Three macro trends are changing the marketing landscape and forcing massive change on most organizations: the digitization of media and channels; social media; and the ability for consumers to access media anytime, anywhere. Marketers are responding with data-driven, digital customer strategies and a collective business model transformation. For the first time, … Read more

Customer-Centric Marketing : Build Relationships, Create Advocates, and Influence Your Customers (ebook)


Author: Aldo Cundari Customer-Centric Marketing is a comprehensive game plan on succeeding in the new marketing landscape by focusing on the customer. Written by one of Canada’s top communications pioneers, this book examines the complex forces influencing the rise of empowered and demanding customers and outlines a framework that helps marketers exploit these forces to … Read more

The Xiaomi way : customer engagement strategies that built one of the largest smartphone companies in the world (book)


Author: Li Wanqiang ; translated by Martha Avery The cofounder of “China’s new smartphone king” (CNN) reveals the strategy that launched his company to the top of the industry in record time In an extraordinarily competitive industry, Xiaomi has risen to the top echelon through innovative marketing and visionary business strategy. In just four short … Read more

Why innovation springs from collaborative invention

“From tapping commands into an automatic teller machine or checking out goods at the supermarket self-service terminal, co-creation is part of everyday life. For many businesses, in the quest to save money, solve problems, innovate or better satisfy customers, co-creation has become a keen focus. Typically, finding ways to collaborate with customers, suppliers, distributors and … Read more

Customer Experience For Dummies (ebook)


Authors: Roy Barnes and Bob Kelleher Today’s business owners need to know how to connect and engage with their customers through a variety of different channels, including online reviews and word of mouth. Customer Experience For Dummies helps you listen to your customers and offers friendly, practical, and easy-to-implement solutions for incorporating customer engagement into … Read more

The new rules of sales and service : how to use agile selling, real-time customer engagement, big data, content, and storytelling to grow your business (book)


Author: David Meerman Scott Sales and service are being radically redefined by the biggest communications revolution in human history. Today buyers are in charge! There is no more ‘selling’— there is only buying. When potential customers have near perfect information on the web, it means salespeople must transform from authority to consultant, product narratives must … Read more

4 Lessons About Handling Stressed Customers That I Learned From Being a Mover

“When people call certain service companies — realtors, pest control, movers and the like — they are essentially dialing 911. That’s because they’re likely facing a crisis that involves one of life’s biggest stressors, ranging from birth and death, to marriage and divorce, to a new house or job or no house or job. A recent study on easing … Read more