Resilient by design : creating businesses that adapt and flourish in a changing world (book)


Author: Joseph Fiksel As managers grapple with the challenges of climate change and volatility in a hyper-connected, global economy, they are paying increasing attention to their organization’s resilience—its capacity to survive, adapt, and flourish in the face of turbulent change. Sudden natural disasters and unforeseen supply chain disruptions are increasingly common in the new normal. … Read more

Disruptive marketing : how growth hackers, data punks, and other hybrids thinkers can teach us about navigating the new normal (book)


Author: Geoffrey Colon Now that 75 percent of screen time is spent on connected devices, digital strategies have moved front and centre of most marketing plans. But what if that’s not enough? What if most people ignore company messages? What if consumer engagement never goes further than the “like” button? A sobering reality is hitting … Read more

The 4G mobile revolution : creation, innovation and transformation at EE (book)


Authors: Olaf Swantee, with Stuart Jackson The 4G Mobile Revolution charts the extraordinary journey of innovation and change at EE, told by its former CEO, Olaf Swantee. This is the story of the highly successful transformation when Orange and T-Mobile merged to form a whole new organization, a whole new brand and a whole new … Read more

Company results wrap: energy companies are facing disruption

“The energy sector is dealing with a complex mix of relationships between consumer trends, global commodity markets, and state, federal and industry regulation. Because large established companies in electricity generation and distribution and coal and natural gas export have a lot of influence in this process, Australian energy regulations reflect more traditional energy provision rather … Read more

2016 Future of Work White Paper

“This white paper addresses how emerging technology and globalisation are disrupting organisations, industries and economies. We have set out to understand and communicate the impact, challenges and opportunities of this changing landscape. What does the Future of Work mean to various industries, demographics and geographies? Through the research conducted, we discovered something somewhat unexpected. The … Read more