Trust : Creating the Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (ebook)

Author: Tarun Khanna Entrepreneurial ventures often fail in the developing world because of the lack of something taken for granted in the developed world: trust. Over centuries the developed world has built up customs and institutions like enforceable contracts, an impartial legal system, credible regulatory bodies, even unofficial but respected sources of information like Yelp … Read more

Battery startup born out of University of Queensland raises $1.74 million to fuel rapid growth plans

Brisbane startup Pure Battery Technologies has raised $1.74 million to commercialise University of Queensland-developed technology to improve the production of batteries for electric vehicles. The technology enables the nickel and cobalt minerals required for making batteries to be more easily extracted, and then converted into the components quickly and cheaply. The technology has been in development … Read more

Aussie bricklaying robot takes on tradies, building three-bed house in 72 hours

An Australian robot is set to take on tradies the world over, after building a three-bed, two-bath, 180-square-metre home in less than three days. Built by ASX-listed Perth company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR), the Hadrian X machine recently successfully completed a series of tests, proving it was capable of complying with various building requirements. Once these … Read more

Virtual reality diversity training startup Equal Reality wins $30,000 from Optus to fuel US expansion

It’s often said you can’t truly understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, and while the technology doesn’t exist (yet) to let you see through the eyes of another, Australian startup Equal Reality has developed the next best thing. Founded last year by Annie Harper, Brennan Hatton and Rick Martin, Equal Reality … Read more

Want to get a VC’s attention? Start thinking big, says Right Click Capital’s Benjamin Chong

Australia is one of the best places in the world to launch a startup, as long as you’re prepared to think globally, according to Right Click Capital partner Benjamin Chong. Speaking on a Founder Institute webinar on how to grow the startup ecosystem in Australia, Chong, who is also managing director of the Founder Institute … Read more

The power of pessimism: Could positive thinking be holding your startup back?

Startup land is something of an optimists’ club, with entrepreneurs all over the country living off little more than positive thinking and instant noodles. However, research from a trio of UK universities is dispelling the power of optimism, suggesting entrepreneurs of a positive persuasion are actually less successful than those that lean towards negativity. The research paper, … Read more

The know-it-alls : the rise of Silicon Valley as a political powerhouse and social wrecking ball (book)

Author: Noam Cohen Silicon Valley’s embrace of disruption and a rampant libertarian ideology is fracturing America and taking the rest of us with it. But it began as an idealistic quest, in an obscure department of Stanford University, to create an artificial intelligence that would contribute to a profound betterment of society. The provost didn’t … Read more