The Introvert’s Edge : How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone (ebook)

Authors: Matthew Pollard and Derek Lewis An introvert? Great at sales? YesS. Sales is a skill anyone can learn and master – and introverts are especially good at it once they learn how to leverage their natural strengths. Introverts aren’t comfortable with traditional tactics like aggressively pushing a product or talking over a customer’s objections. … Read more

Do What You Are : Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type (ebook)

Authors: Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger The bestselling guide to finding career success and satisfaction through Personality Type is now thoroughly revised, expanded, and updated. Do What You Are – the time-honoured classic that has already helped more than a million people find truly satisfying work – is now updated to include … Read more

People with purpose : how great leaders use purpose to build thriving organizations (book)

Author: Kevin Murray This book shows leaders how to create a valuable framework that integrates purpose, values and goals on a single page in order to articulate their organization’s unique vision to employees and stakeholders. Kevin Murray interviews top CEOs who have used purpose to transform performance, motivate their people, develop organizational resilience and deliver … Read more

Migrant entrepreneurship is a big weapon for Australian business

Proponents of high migration rates say it adds to Australia’s skill base, offsets the effects of an ageing population and lower workforce participation, and boosts the economy. Detractors say high migration reduces quality of life by adding to population growth, pressuring infrastructure in big cities and anecdotally taking jobs from locals. Rarely is small business … Read more

Entrepreneurial You : Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive (ebook)

Author: Dorie Clark What does it take to create the career you want? It’s no secret that the world of work has changed, and we’re shifting toward an ever more entrepreneurial, self-reliant, work-from-wherever-you-are economy. That can be a liberating force, and many professionals dream of becoming independent, whether by starting their own businesses, becoming consultants … Read more


After a long, fruitless search for meaningful engineering work in Australia, Pakistanti expat Usman Iftikhar resolved to ‘create his own future’ by starting a business. Eager to help other highly-skilled migrants overcome barriers to their professional fulfillment, he partnered with Jacob Muller and launched Catalysr – a startup incubator program for ‘migrapreneurs’ located in the heart of … Read more

How Simon and Lani te Hennepe built global travel startup TRAVLR out of a simple PDF document

Simon and Lani te Hennepe’s travel startup TRAVLR operates across six countries, has over 85 staff, and has raised $5 million in venture capital. But nine years ago, the startup existed only as a single PDF document. It started as a simple thought: Lani, a seasoned Bali traveller, was planning her and Simon’s first trip … Read more