The million dollar handshake : the ultimate guide to revolutionise how you connect and communicate in business and life (book)

Author: Catherine Molloy This book is about more than making money – it is also about helping you feel a million dollars. First impressions do count – and few have as much impact as your handshake. A handshake can let the other person know if we are nervous, over-excited, confident or interested in them, and … Read more

The beermat entrepreneur : turn your good idea into a great business (book)

Authors: Mike Southon and Chris West The Beermat Entrepreneur helps you convert your jotted notes about your business idea into a big and successful business. With wit and humour, this quick-to-read and simple-to-use book could turn your beermat inspiration into reality. You’ve got a bright idea. An idea that you think maybe, just maybe, could … Read more

Persuasion (ebook)

Author: Patrick Forsyth Maximise your opportunities by mastering the art of persuasion. The underappreciated skill of persuasion is vital not just for negotiations, but in every aspect of business life. Taking on more responsibility, motivating your team, getting that big promotion: everything is possible once you’ve mastered the art of convincing people. By following these … Read more

Swimming with Sharks : Simple Business Guidelines for a Complex World (ebook)

Author: Gavin Moffat Swimming with Sharks will inspire a-ha moments that will make it more fun to be at work, or maybe even make it possible for your business to survive the turbulent economic seas that seem synonymous with building a business in the 21st century. Entrepreneur, marketing and communications expert Gavin Moffat found remarkable … Read more

What color is your parachute? 2019 : a practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers (book)

Author: Richard N. Bolles With more than 10 million copies sold in 28 countries, the world’s most popular job-search book is updated for 2019, tailoring Richard Bolles’s long-trusted guidance with up-to-the-minute information and advice for today’s job-hunters and career-changers. In today’s complex job-market, the time-tested advice of What Color Is Your Parachute? is needed more … Read more


Anna Wright’s BindiMaps mobile app has unlocked a whole new world for people with vision impairment by removing the barriers to mobility. BindiMaps transforms the way people with vision impairment navigate complex indoor spaces.  The mobile app employs Bluetooth technology to locate a network of Bluetooth beacons combined with mapping and a route-guidance system to … Read more