Financial literacy is a public policy problem

It’s pretty common nowadays to see the likes of the Reserve Bank of Australia or the Australian Bureau of Statistics issue warnings about the size of Australian household debt. The reason is that the consequences of poor financial decisions often reach far wider than an individual or family. The global financial crisis showed us how rapidly financial contagion can spread – … Read more

Auditing, assurance and ethics handbook 2017 Australia : incorporating all the standards as at 1 December 2016 (book)

Editor: Stephanie Kemp Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s Auditing, Assurance and Ethics Handbook 2017 incorporates all Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards, Guidance and Professional and Ethical Standards issued to 1 December 2016. New to the 2017 edition are: revised Standards on audits of financial information other than general purpose financial reports; ASA 800 Special … Read more

Why the RBA would want to create a digital Australian dollar

The Reserve Bank of Australia could join the likes of Estonia and Lebanon in creating a cryptocurrency based on the Australian dollar, to reap the benefits of technology like the blockchain but with more stability than other well known currencies like Bitcoin. The RBA has already been approached by interested startups to create this new digital currency, known as … Read more

The crowdsourceress : get smart, get funded, and kickstart your next big idea (book)

Author: Alex Daly In the past year, crowdfunding platforms helped generate a staggering $34 billion dollars in funding. But the harsh reality is that the majority of crowdfunding campaigns fail-only 40% meet their goals. And failing means failing hard. If you fall short of your goal by the deadline, not only won’t you see any … Read more

Aussie fintech startups boast 200% revenue growth, but there’s still work to be done on diversity and collaboration

The second ever census of Australian fintech startups has shone a spotlight on the industry’s rapid growth and significant investment but the report reveals gender equality in the sector is still a ways off. FinTech Australia released the findings of its annual census at the Intersekt Collab/Collide summit in Melbourne this morning. The report, which was … Read more

Australian fintech startup HCash just revealed it raised $53 million through an ICO in July

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are polarising the business world at the moment, but one Australian company has made hay while the sun shines, raising 21,000 Bitcoins worth of capital. Blockchain security startup HCash, which is developing its technology in conjunction with Melbourne’s Monash University, has revealed to Business Insider that the round closed on July … Read more