Power profits : a comprehensive 9-step framework for reducing electricity costs and boosting profits (book)

Author: Michael Williams Are you experiencing an increase in your electricity costs that is hurting your bottom line? Do you know how the electricity market works and why costs are increasing? Do you want to have a clear and concise framework that you can follow to take control, reduce your costs and increase your profits? … Read more

Broken Pie Chart : 5 Ways to Build Your Investment Portfolio to Withstand and Prosper in Risky Markets (ebook)

Author: Derek Moore Investment outcomes and strategies have changed considerably since 2008. Broken Pie Chart demonstrates the failures of classical diversification and asset allocation, pointing out that the backward-looking methods used by traditional financial professionals will not work moving forward. Derek Moore explains why traditional risk-spreading leads to losses during sell-off periods, and contains risks … Read more

‘Huge advantage’: Senate extends equity crowdfunding legislation

Small businesses across the country can fast-track fundraising after the Senate extended equity crowdfunding to proprietary companies. The passing of the Corporations Amendment (Crowd-sourced funding for proprietary companies) Bill on Wednesday builds on the government’s 2017 equity crowdfunding legislation, allowing businesses to do this without converting to unlisted public company status. Christophe Hoppe is excited … Read more

“They told me I’d be rich”: Why these entrepreneurs have turned down millions from investors

There’s no end to the number of startups and businesses who have done the hard yards and raised millions of dollars in funding, but less well-known are the companies and founders who turn down those same millions. Though it’s often viewed as the ultimate mark of validation for a fast-growing business, there are times (believe … Read more

Credit card startup Deserve raises $17 million to help young people build their credit in a system that makes it way too hard

Deserve is a new company that’s focused on helping young people build credit. It just raised $US17 million from Sallie Mae, Accel, Pelion, Aspect Ventures, and Mission Holdings. For many college students, there’s a Catch-22 when it comes to their finances: They can’t get a credit card or student loan because they have no credit history. … Read more

‘Tears running down my face’: farmers turn to crowdfunding for support

Over the past two weeks dairy farmer Jason Maloney raised $266,000 to save his business – then his accountants delivered bad news. The farmer launched a Gofundme crowdfunding campaign for his property at Jamberoo, NSW, asking for support from his community “with tears running down my face”. Maloney says he reached the point where his feeding creditors … Read more

Rather than paying thousands of dollars, here’s how nine-month-old business SkilledSmart did its own PR

Around two months ago, Paridhi Jain’s business landed some fortuitous media coverage, finding itself at the centre of a short segment on Channel Seven’s nightly news. After the positive segment aired, Jain was keen to keep the momentum going for her barely nine-month-old business, and decided she’d take public relations into her own hands, gathering … Read more