Financial Literacy for Millennials : A Practical Guide to Managing Your Financial Life for Teens, College Students, and Young Adults (ebook)

Author: Andrew O. Smith There is growing awareness that consumers should know more about finance—and that their education should begin early. Combining practical advice with targeted information on virtually every aspect of personal finance and money management, this book is the ideal resource for young people who want to start their financial lives off properly. … Read more


Ahead of this week’s Federal Budget, two-fifths of the small business community are not confident of a favourable outcome, according to research undertaken by accounting software provider MYOB. Dynamic Business asked MYOB CEO Tim Reed to unpack the findings of the company’s SME Snapshot, a monthly survey of small to medium businesses from its customer … Read more

Bitcoin as a constitution

Nobody will ever know whether Satoshi thought that bitcoin would maximize world’s happiness, from an utilitarian point of view, or because he thought financial sovereignty is an end worth pursuing in itself, as a libertarian. One thing is certain: The inherent technical design of Bitcoin was done intentionally to protect financial sovereignty of its users. … Read more

Explainer: what is reflation and is Australia experiencing it?

Since the 2007 global financial crisis, policy makers have been fighting deflationary (falling prices) and disinflationary (prices rising at slow rate) pressures. But the global economy finally appears to be entering reflation – a period of higher prices together with stronger growth. This is good news for households, businesses and governments around the world. Reflation … Read more

Turn Waste into Wealth : How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company (ebook)

Authors: Mark C. DeLuzio and Jeffrey J Fox Cash is lying around everywhere in companies. It’s in warehouses and on shelves, hiding in plain sight as inventory. It litters administrative offices, disguised as incorrect invoices, late billings, sloppy requests from salespeople. It sits in company lobbies waiting for sales calls to start. All that cash … Read more

Economists report good times for growth in Australia, but is your state the best place to do business?

Australia is powering towards the world’s longest period of economic growth without recession, but while economists see plenty to like ahead of May’s federal budget, not all states are equal, and the small business community is pushing for tangible policies to help companies expand over the next few years no matter where they are based. … Read more