Want to get a VC’s attention? Start thinking big, says Right Click Capital’s Benjamin Chong

Australia is one of the best places in the world to launch a startup, as long as you’re prepared to think globally, according to Right Click Capital partner Benjamin Chong. Speaking on a Founder Institute webinar on how to grow the startup ecosystem in Australia, Chong, who is also managing director of the Founder Institute … Read more

On the search for $49 glasses: Investec launches $70 million fund for emerging businesses

David Phillips, the Australian head of emerging companies at investment bank Investec, says he’s got “plenty” of money but his glasses of choice are a $49 pair from startup Dresden Optics. Dresden Optics only makes one design of glasses allowing it to manufacture cheaply and quickly in Australia with prescription lens cut to order in … Read more

Six Figure Crowdfunding : The No Bullshit Guide to Running a Life Changing Campaign (ebook)

Authors: Derek Miller, Noelle Pugh, Dylan Todd In this bold, irreverent, hilarious how-to guide, bestselling Kickstarter campaign manager Derek Miller takes his millions of dollars of supercrowdfunding experience and delivers everything you need to know about being a modern entrepreneur in today’s global marketplace. In other words, this ain’t your parent’s business book. Accompanied by … Read more

Global domination ahead for Mammojo lactivewear entrepreneurs

Designer activewear is all the rage right now, but it’s not exactly designed with the expectant mother in mind. After returning to exercise following the birth of her first of three kids, Melita Shirley, co-founder of lactivewear brand Mammojo, found it impossible to source nursing friendly activewear. “Traditional activewear was completely impractical for a nursing … Read more

StartupSmart explainer: What’s the deal with equity crowdfunding, and should I do it?

Last week, the Australian government passed new legislation extending equity crowdfunding to private businesses and therefore considerably more startups. But what has actually changed, and should startups be taking advantage? Equity crowdfunding allows investors to pledge relatively small amounts of investment into a company in exchange for equity in the business. Initial equity crowdfunding legislation passed in March … Read more

NSW startups secured twice as much funding as any other state in the last financial year, Techboard report finds

Startups and tech companies in New South Wales scooped up more than twice as much funding as those in Victoria and Queensland in the last financial year, according to Techboard’s first country-wide funding report — and Australia’s other states are trailing even further behind. The Techboard Australian Startup and Young Technology Company Funding Report 2017/18 … Read more

‘Huge advantage’: Senate extends equity crowdfunding legislation

Small businesses across the country can fast-track fundraising after the Senate extended equity crowdfunding to proprietary companies. The passing of the Corporations Amendment (Crowd-sourced funding for proprietary companies) Bill on Wednesday builds on the government’s 2017 equity crowdfunding legislation, allowing businesses to do this without converting to unlisted public company status. Christophe Hoppe is excited … Read more