Pokemon GO made $1.2 billion in 2016

“Thanks to its ability to attract non-gamers, nostalgic characters, simple mechanics, the novelty of augmented reality and its social nature, Pokemon GO reached a level of success in 2016 that eludes even some of the most successful traditional video games. Record downloads, engagement and of course – revenue.” Read more Rae Johnston Sydney Morning Herald  18 Jan 2017

PewDiePie, CaptainSparklez and eSports: The rise of the video game economy

“At just 23 years old, Jordan Maron, or CaptainSparklez as he’s known on YouTube, is worth an estimated $16 million. He’s just bought himself a $4.5 million pad in the Hollywood Hills and, while the three-storey mansion is certainly impressive, what’s most interesting about Mr Maron is how he made his money. The video games enthusiast turned … Read more