Xcelerate : innovate your business model, disrupt your market, fast-hack into the future (book)

Author: Paul Broadfoot Another enterprise has entered your space. A new startup has changed the prevailing way business is done in your industry. Are you scared? You should be. Technology is shifting so rapidly that it is driving new business models, bringing with it new market innovation opportunities. The world is full of books and … Read more

The creator of Ethereum thinks blockchain tech could steal business from Visa in a ‘couple of years’

The ethereum network could pose a real challenge to large financial institutions like Visa as soon as next year, according to Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the ethereum blockchain. In a Q&A with AngelList founder Naval Ravikant at TechCrunch Disrupt on Monday, Buterin said that security is the biggest challenge to bringing blockchain technologies into … Read more

SparkLabs Group partners with NSW Government to launch food and agtech accelerator Cultiv8

Asia accelerator network SparkLabs Groups has partnered with the NSW Government’s Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to launch Cultiv8, an accelerator targeting food and agtech startups across the state and regional areas. Based in the Global Agtech Ecosystem (GATE), a new agricultural global and research and development centre located in Orange’s Agricultural Institute, the accelerator … Read more

Amazon just made a huge change to its $12 billion cloud computing juggernaut

When Amazon launched Amazon Web Services in 2006, it sparked a cloud computing revolution. No longer would programmers have to buy, build, and maintain their own servers. Now, developers could pay Amazon by the hour to access exactly the amount of supercomputing power they needed. It totally changed the economics of building software, making it possible … Read more

Why Atlassian and Slack are sending each other gifts, and how startups should learn to embrace competition

If a competitor launched in their market, most startups wouldn’t think to offer congratulations to the challenger, much less offer them a box of sweet treats. But that’s exactly what Slack did to congratulate Atlassian for launching it’s Stride messaging platform last week. The Stride platform offers a range of new features to Atlassian customers, including a … Read more


Providing female startup founders in rural, regional and remote areas with access to face-to-face and virtual capacity-building opportunities, including mentorship, will help build Australia’s entrepreneurial muscle, according to Retha Wiesner, founder of WiRE. Launched in early 2017 out of the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) – where Wiesner is Professor of HR Management –WiRE (Women in … Read more

Is this the future of retail? Nordstrom unveils merchandise-free store

US fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom has given a glimpse of what the future of retail could look like, unveiling a new retail concept this week that is free of merchandise. The West Hollywood ‘Nordstrom Local’ concept store will be populated by personal stylists but no inventory. Instead, Nordstrom describes it as a “neighbourhood hub where … Read more

Bold : how to go big, achieve success, and impact the world (book)

Authors: Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler A radical, how-to guide for using exponential technologies, moonshot thinking, and crowd-powered tools, Bold unfolds in three parts. Part One focuses on the exponential technologies that are disrupting today’s Fortune 500 companies and enabling upstart entrepreneurs to go from “I’ve got an idea” to “I run a billion-dollar … Read more