Women Entrepreneurs: Yes, You Are Underserved

Gender diversity begets more gender diversity. In order for women-led and women-owned companies to receive greater funding, gender- diverse investors are required. ICYMI: Harvard Business Review (HBR) kicked the gender-bias in venture capital hornet’s nest in its recently published article “We Recorded VCs’ Conversations And Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs.” Between 2009-2010, … Read more

An Australian marketplace startup has signed a partnership with Uber

A Gold Coast startup has won a major partnership deal with ridesharing giant Uber which will have its business exposed to tens of thousands of Australian drivers. Auto mechanic marketplace Autoguru announced that it has been added to Uber’s driver rewards program, Momentum, to allow Australian rideshare drivers to access car servicing through the platform. … Read more

4 Entrepreneurs Who Refreshed Stale Industries and Made Millions

How a single good idea can revive a dying business model. Remember when we thought the taxi industry was dying? Then Uber swooped in and changed the way people found rides, making the overall process easier, more tech-friendly and often cheaper than the traditional alternative. Airbnb quickly followed Uber’s footsteps and transformed hospitality. But, while those … Read more


Founded in 2001, Big Ant Studios is arguably Australia’s most prolific developer of sports-related video games on console and it is a proving ground for entrepreneurial game makers. Located just a stone’s throw from the Yarra River in Southbank, Melbourne, the company surivived its ill-fated first title as well as the ‘bushfires’ of the GFC … Read more

This Australian startup is about to trial a system that could see drivers being charged for every kilometre they drive on the road

Getting motorists to pay their road taxes by the kilometre sounds crazy. But that’s exactly what a new Australian start-up – which has been shortlisted for the world’s second-richest economics prize after the Nobel – is trying to do. Clearways, founded by University of NSW engineering adjunct professor Jamye Harrison and former NSW transport ministry … Read more

Sinorbis raises $2.3m led by Executive Channel Holdings for China digital marketing platform

A startup which claims to unlock the mysteries of China’s digital landscape for Western marketers has raised $2.3 million, with the founders of outdoor ad firm Executive Channel Holdings (ECH) reinvesting some proceeds from last October’s $68.5 million sale of its Australian business to oOh!media to lead the round. ECH’s injection takes the total raised … Read more