Grow wherever you work : straight talk to help with your toughest challenges (book)

Author: Joanna Barsh The business world is full of catchphrases: follow your passion; think positive; be authentic; suck it up; take risks; network. All well-intentioned, but let’s be honest. This inch-deep advice just isn’t very helpful. How do real people succeed in the real world of work? That’s the question bestselling author Joanna Barsh sets … Read more

HBR guide to emotional intelligence (book)

Author: Harvard Business Review Press Research by Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and coauthor of “Primal Leadership,” has shown that emotional intelligence is a more powerful determinant of good leadership than technical competence, IQ, or vision. Influencing those around us and supporting our own well-being requires us to be self-aware, know when and how to regulate … Read more

The leading brain : powerful science-based strategies for achieving peak performance (book)

Authors: Friederike Fabritius and Hans W. Hagemann There’s a revolution taking place that most businesses are still unaware of. The understanding of how our brains work has radically shifted, exploding long-held myths about our everyday cognitive performance and fundamentally changing the way we engage and succeed in the workplace. Combining their expertise in both neuropsychology … Read more

Crucial lessons from the C-suite: Grow yourself to grow your company

It took three years of building a successful medical device startup company before Nina Quinn was headhunted to become the CEO of Neurosensory. Quinn’s transition in taking Neurosensory from a South East Queensland business turning over $5 million, to a multi-clinic enterprise now spanning three states wasn’t an easy one. Had she not embraced her … Read more