This Sydney entrepreneur built a salary calculator to show how startup founders are paying themselves too much

While some entrepreneurs may enter the startup game looking to get rich quickly, Sydney founder Marty Spargo has built an online salary calculator to show founders that “entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as it seems” by proving that the higher a founder’s salary is, the lower the long-term value of their equity becomes. StartupSmart spoke to Spargo, … Read more

Don’t fix me, fix the workplace : a guide to building constructive working relationships (book)

Author: Peter Mills There are many books on improving working relationships however they are based in interpersonal skills. While acknowledging that interpersonal skills provide the ‘social glue’ for working relationships, this book identifies the working environment as the cause of most conflict at work. The book identifies the causes of workplace conflict and how to … Read more

The halo and the noose : the power of story telling and story listening in business life (book)

Authors: Graham Williams & Dorian Haarhoff; illustrated by Tony Grogan An innovative approach to leadership, this book will show you how to harness the stories that beat at the heart of an organisation, to revolutionise your work and your life. Research shows that people relate well to story: they identify, learn, and are motivated to … Read more

Lead Right for Your Company’s Type : How to Connect Your Culture with Your Customer Promise (ebook)

Author: William E. Schneider From turf wars to low morale, most companies attempt to cure what ails them with the latest management fad—and fail. They are treating the symptoms while ignoring the true problem. Success starts with knowing the kind of business you’re really in. Lead Right for Your Company’s Type argues that every enterprise … Read more


Well known ride-sharing app, Uber, has been headlining publications globally as its company policies, CEO and business model are being called into question. Uber’s recent transgressions relating to sexual harassment, discrimination, unprofessionalism, bullying, employment structures and a toxic workplace culture in America challenge many Australian employment laws. The issues at hand allow Australian businesses, small … Read more