AUSTRALIAN women are encouraged to upskill in data and technology in preparation for a future dominated by the technology industry. Global not-for-profit organisation, She Loves Data, is the founder of a worldwide movement to help Australian women upskill in data and technology regardless of their career background. She Loves Data CEO and co-founder, Jana Marle-Zizkova, … Read more

Why Aussie startups fail to scale and how the local ecosystem can help

Founders often start companies after creating a new product or finding a gap in the market. Of course, getting your product right is important — but once founders have their product strategy in place, they often struggle with the managerial demands of running a business, so they fail to hire the right people, identify the best marketing strategies for their … Read more

SheStarts documentary pulls back the curtain on life inside an accelerator: Here’s what we learnt (part one)

A new mini-documentary is allowing viewers to peek behind the curtain at BlueChilli’s SheStarts accelerator, offering an insight into some of the masterclasses, workshops and emotional moments that go on behind the scenes. As the second cohort of startups graduate the program, SheStarts has released eight digestible seven- to nine-minute episodes through LinkedIn, offering snippets of inspiration … Read more


A significant portion of managing a business is managing risk. Steve Layton, founder of Sofa Brands, explains that if you can manage those risks wisely you can seize opportunities to help your business gain an edge in the market. Running a business is a balancing act between managing threats and pursuing opportunities: spend all your … Read more

Three pieces of advice from Australian businesses that started out during the GFC

Just like the people who run them, Australian businesses have been notoriously hardy in the face of adversity, including during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) over 10 years ago when numerous Aussie SMEs fought through the economic hardship and created strong businesses that are still around today. One such business started at the precipice of … Read more