Business ethics : a contemporary approach (book)


Author: Gael McDonald Business Ethics introduces students to ethical issues and decision-making in a variety of contemporary contexts. It develops an awareness of the many ways in which ethical considerations can manifest in commercial domains, thereby helping prepare students for their professional careers. Business Ethics shows how theory works in practice. It includes hundreds of … Read more

Owning it : a creative’s guide to copyright, contracts and the law (book)


Author: Sharon Givoni Not a legal book in the usual sense, renowned Australian intellectual property lawyer Sharon Givoni explains in ‘plain English’ how the law applies to creative industries. Packed with real-life case studies and user-friendly flowcharts and tables that simplify Australian legal terms, processes and procedures, Owning It demystifies law for creatives. This guide … Read more

4 reasons your business needs a non-disclosure agreement (but shouldn’t ask a VC to sign one)

“It’s every entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. You pitch an amazing new business idea to a potential partner or employee, only to turn around and discover that they’ve stolen it and created their own rival company, using your exact idea (or something very similar). It’s happened before. One of the most well known cases of this is what … Read more