The business of addiction: how the video gaming industry is evolving to be like the casino industry

The video gaming industry has transitioned from a group of backyard innovators to an industry of multi-billion dollar companies, hiring psychologists, neuroscientists and marketing experts to turn customers into addicts. The latest trend is the creation of “whales,” people so addicted to games that they spend their entire life savings to keep playing. But the video gaming industry, today one … Read more

Why Atlassian and Slack are sending each other gifts, and how startups should learn to embrace competition

If a competitor launched in their market, most startups wouldn’t think to offer congratulations to the challenger, much less offer them a box of sweet treats. But that’s exactly what Slack did to congratulate Atlassian for launching it’s Stride messaging platform last week. The Stride platform offers a range of new features to Atlassian customers, including a … Read more


When influencer marketplace TRIBE launched with a requirement for social media influencers to own, or be willing to buy, the products they’d be recommending, there was ‘push back’ from those who were used to freebies. Believing authenticity to be paramount, founder Jules Lund stuck to his guns. A good thing too – today, the marketplace … Read more

A former Sydney tech startup CFO has been charged with taking $6.25 million

John Falconer, a former director and chief financial officer of software startup TZ Limited, has been extradited from Thailand to face dishonesty charges in Sydney’s Central Local Court. The charges follow an investigation by corporate regulator ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) which alleges $6.25 million of TZ Limited’s funds were transferred to entities associated … Read more

This Sydney entrepreneur built a salary calculator to show how startup founders are paying themselves too much

While some entrepreneurs may enter the startup game looking to get rich quickly, Sydney founder Marty Spargo has built an online salary calculator to show founders that “entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as it seems” by proving that the higher a founder’s salary is, the lower the long-term value of their equity becomes. StartupSmart spoke to Spargo, … Read more

Queensland Government releases Drones Strategy Consultation Paper to gather public input on growing drone industry

The Queensland Government has announced the release of the Queensland Drones Strategy Consultation Paper, which looks to generate public input to help grow the state’s drone industry. Taking to the stage to announce the paper at the inaugural World of Drones Congress held in Brisbane, a drone expo sponsored by the Queensland Government and Advance … Read more