Beyond the gloomy headlines, this global index suggests manufacturing is in good shape

Economic data released this week has provided some good news for the global economy. The Purchasing Manager Indexes (PMI) from around the world show manufacturing is at above long term averages or at multi-year highs. The data suggests that economic growth will follow. Buoyed by low interest rates, and the prospects of government stimulus, firms … Read more

Sydney startup Inamo draws global attention after helping Visa make pay-wave sunglasses

“A Sydney startup that is developing wearable payment technology has found itself at the centre of global attention after Visa asked it to collaborate in the development of pay-wave sunglasses. Inamo, a founding startup at Stone & Chalk, had just raised $1 million to launch a pay-and-go watch when Visa knocked on its door in … Read more

New research resource available for entrepreneurs!

We currently have a short trial of the ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database. This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly – including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings – to a full toolkit of practical guides, templates, forms, sample … Read more

High-performing manufacturers: Where they play and how they win

“No one has to tell manufacturing company executives that it’s getting tougher to differentiate themselves and compete successfully—they feel the pressure every day. Rapid globalization, technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and evolving government policies are reshaping the manufacturing industry, exponentially accelerating the pace of competition and continually raising the bar on company performance.” Read more Deloitte … Read more

The Australian manufacturing industry is not dying, it’s evolving: CSIRO study

“Despite the well publicised closure of some manufacturing sectors in Australia, manufacturing isn’t dying. Instead, like industry around the world, it’s undergoing a period of significant change as new, disruptive technologies and economic realities take hold and new markets emerge. There is a role for the manufacturing sector in Australia. Through interviews with 56 stakeholders, three … Read more

Industry 4.0 and manufacturing ecosystems

“Manufacturers face changes on multiple fronts. Advanced manufacturing—in the form of additive manufacturing, advanced materials, smart, automated machines, and other technologies—is ushering in a new age of physical production. At the same time, increased connectivity and ever more sophisticated data-gathering and analytics capabilities enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) have led to a shift toward … Read more

Grow Your Factory, Grow Your Profits : Lean for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises (ebook)


Author: Timothy McLean The last 25 years has seen Tim lead and assist over 100 small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) manufacturing operations. This experience has now been condensed in to Grow Your Factory, Grow your Profits: Lean for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises, a start-to-finish guide on how to run a successful small and medium-sized … Read more

Sourcing smarts : keeping it simple and safe with China sourcing and manufacturing (book)


Authors: Edith G. Tolchin with Don Debelak and Eric Debelak A no frills, do-it-yourself guide to China sourcing and manufacturing, geared towards inventors, first-time importers and entrepreneurs. It’s a China Sourcing 101-type manual in easy, no-nonsense language, covering everything you will need to know to get your products sourced, made, and imported from China. Real-life … Read more