Home-building robot company enters deal with Brickworks

The company known for building a home structure with a robot has today reached a breakthrough agreement with a subsidiary of Brickworks (ASX: BKW), with expectations for a pilot program to kick off in Western Australia. Within months of its partnership with Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) falling through, Perth-based Fastbrick Robotics (ASX: FBR) has entered a Memorandum of Understanding … Read more

Aussie bricklaying robot takes on tradies, building three-bed house in 72 hours

An Australian robot is set to take on tradies the world over, after building a three-bed, two-bath, 180-square-metre home in less than three days. Built by ASX-listed Perth company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR), the Hadrian X machine recently successfully completed a series of tests, proving it was capable of complying with various building requirements. Once these … Read more

Need templated forms, business plan samples or industry reports? Check out ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database!

Members of the Business Studio now have access to the full version of the ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database! This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly – including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings – to a full toolkit … Read more

How this startup went from producing a synthetic spider silk to partnering with fashion icons

Bolt Threads is a biotech company based in Emeryville, California, that produces sustainable materials to supply the apparel industry. Among these materials are a synthetic spider silk called Microsilk, developed without the help of spiders, and a newly-announced synthetic leather material called Mylo derived from the root structure of mushrooms. The company’s mission and materials have … Read more

NSW Government partners with India to connect local startups to Indian tech and advanced manufacturing sectors

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced a partnership with India aimed at enabling collaboration between Indian industry and the NSW startup, tech, and advanced manufacturing sectors. The partnership is worth $1.58 million over two years, with these funds to enable NSW startups to travel to India and foster collaboration and commercial connections. There are already … Read more

High-tech Pirate Life brewery and bar coming to Port Adelaide

Adelaide based brewing company Pirate Life will build a $15 million brewery and bar venue at Port Adelaide’s historic woolstores. The South Australian craft brewer, Pirate Life Brewing, will build one of the largest craft breweries in South Australia. The new site will almost quadruple Pirate Life’s annual production to more than 11 million litres, … Read more

How driverless cars could create new jobs in Australia’s motor industry

The race to market for widespread driverless cars may be on, but that doesn’t mean we’re anywhere near a deployable reality. Much of the initial hype has settled down, and the claims made by manufacturers and startups with regards to timelines have moderated. As the key stakeholders — the automotive industry, government and the public — consider the … Read more

Australian manufacturing is not dead, says Frosty Boy MD

Queensland-based manufacturer, Frosty Boy Australia says that the manufacturing industry is not dead, despite the highly-publicised closure of many manufacturing companies across thecountry, and the populist view that the sector is on its last legs. The Office of the Chief Economist has confirmed that there has a been a decline in the manufacturing sector, and Frosty Boy … Read more

A growing threat could kill 10 million people by 2050, but one company thinks it can stop it

Our best line of defence against life-threatening illnesses has turned against us. Antibiotics — which we’ve relied on for decades to beat deadly, contagious infections — are set to kill 10 million people by 2050. After years of abuse in people and animals — with doctors practically doling them out like candy and farmers stirring them … Read more