Killing marketing : how innovative businesses are turning marketing cost into profit (book)

Authors: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose The most innovative companies are revolutionizing their marketing efforts—changing them from revenue-takers to revenue-drivers. Red Bull, for example, has transformed its content-marketing magazine Red Bulletin into a product customers actually pay for. Now, you can learn how to replicate their success. In Marketing Profit, two of the world’s leading … Read more

Localsearch helping rural businesses find calm among the chaos online

With so many digital products available these days, business owners can easily find themselves caught up in a tangled mess. Cutting through the saturated online market is a tough slog for any company, but especially those based in rural areas. Daniel Stoten, co-founder of Localsearch, spearheaded the company’s transition to digital with the clear goal of … Read more

Video marketing strategy : harness the power of online video to drive brand growth (book)

Author: Jon Mowat Video is the single most effective tool that marketers have to raise brand awareness, increase sales, drive website traffic and deliver ROI on marketing budgets. Driven by consumer demand and with the backing of the largest social media platforms, our world is becoming ‘video first’. Video Marketing Strategy allows marketers to harness … Read more

Tell me about it: 91% of consumers value ‘honest communication’ so salespeople must prioritise storytelling

We all grew up hearing and sharing stories through childhood and adulthood — they help us learn, develop and, above all, they entertain and inspire us. Brands today are increasingly incorporating storytelling into their sales and marketing strategies in order to resonate with their customers. We must not overlook the increasing importance of storytelling in … Read more

Marketing analytics : a practical guide to improving consumer insights using data techniques (book)

Author: Mike Grigsby Who is most likely to buy and what is the best way to target them? How can businesses improve strategy without identifying the key influencing factors? The second edition of Marketing Analytics enables marketers and business analysts to leverage predictive techniques to measure and improve performance. By exploring real-world marketing challenges, it … Read more