The business of addiction: how the video gaming industry is evolving to be like the casino industry

The video gaming industry has transitioned from a group of backyard innovators to an industry of multi-billion dollar companies, hiring psychologists, neuroscientists and marketing experts to turn customers into addicts. The latest trend is the creation of “whales,” people so addicted to games that they spend their entire life savings to keep playing. But the video gaming industry, today one … Read more


When influencer marketplace TRIBE launched with a requirement for social media influencers to own, or be willing to buy, the products they’d be recommending, there was ‘push back’ from those who were used to freebies. Believing authenticity to be paramount, founder Jules Lund stuck to his guns. A good thing too – today, the marketplace … Read more

Is this the future of retail? Nordstrom unveils merchandise-free store

US fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom has given a glimpse of what the future of retail could look like, unveiling a new retail concept this week that is free of merchandise. The West Hollywood ‘Nordstrom Local’ concept store will be populated by personal stylists but no inventory. Instead, Nordstrom describes it as a “neighbourhood hub where … Read more

How shopping centres are changing to fight online shopping

Even before the arrival of Amazon, online shopping is devastating Australian retail. In the past year, sales in physical stores grew only 3% while online shopping grew almost 10%. Foot traffic in physical stores has fallen by almost 5% this year alone. Both retailers and shopping centre operators have to work together to create compelling reasons for customers … Read more

The Referral of a Lifetime : Never Make a Cold Call Again! (ebook)

Author: Tim Templeton Nobody likes cold calls. And nobody really needs to make them. The Referral of a Lifetime teaches a step-by-step system that will allow anyone to generate a steady stream of new business through consistent, qualified referrals while retaining and maximizing business with existing customers. Tim Templeton emphasizes the importance of applying the … Read more

How to follow Kmart’s lead and build a troop of your own social media influencers

It’s no secret Kmart fans are competitive bargain hunters, but branding experts say small businesses should take note of the discount department store’s strategy for rallying its Instagram base and transforming enthusiasm into organic advertising content. reports the retailer is powering goodwill towards its newest products by inviting a select group of 20 social media … Read more

Vinomofo launches The Club: Co-founder Andre Eikmeier on how to redesign your business when you’ve built a “beast”

Vinomofo co-founder Andre Eikmeier has opened up about the time and complexity involved in redesigning a fast-growing company’s offerings, following the launch of the retailer’s new subscription platform last month. After toying with, and then putting off, the concept for five years, Vinomofo founders Andre Eikmeier and Justin Dry decided to take their online wine … Read more