Dunedin booking software startup Timely raises NZ$7 million to further product development

Dunedin startup Timely, which has created a booking software platform for businesses in the beauty and wellness industry, has raised NZ$7 million ($6.34 million) in a funding round led by local venture capital firm Movac. The startup, founded in 2012 by Ryan Baker, Andrew Schofield, and William Berger, previously raised NZ$1.3 million in 2014. With … Read more


China’s booming economy and rapidly growing middle-class present a wealth of opportunities for Australian businesses, particularly those companies able to tap into the rising demand for high quality goods and services. But many local SMEs with international expansion goals have discovered it’s not as simple as heading overseas and establishing operations. In a culture such … Read more

BrickX chief says he prefers the ‘educated’ investor, not the $100 novelty punter

BrickX chief executive Anthony Millet has opened up about the brutal lessons learned from starting up the fractional real estate investment business. Speaking at the Intersekt fintech conference in Melbourne this month, the former online retail executive said mistakes are bound to be made when operating a high-growth company. “Learning from your failures or some … Read more

The “most important startup” to come to Melbourne: WeWork opens its doors

Global co-working giant WeWork officially opened the doors of its Melbourne offices this morning, as Victorian Minister for Innovation Phillip Dalidakis heralded it as “the most important startup” that has come to the city. WeWork’s Sydney offices opened in March earlier this year, with co-founder Miguel McKelvey telling StartupSmart at the time Sydney was always on the list for the … Read more

Cathie Reid’s epic life building a $1 billion business and heading into space

Cathie Reid wants to make her life as epic as possible. The entrepreneur co-founded the Epic Healthcare Group and the Icon Group, which is Australia’s largest private cancer and oncology services group and is valued at more than $1 billion. But she’s also a mother-of-two, Brisbane Lions board member, chairwoman of artificial intelligence start-up Flamingo and set … Read more

Five things every startup founder should include in a “hassle-free” pitch deck

According to Rampersand Fund’s Vanessa Hutchinson, the process of raising money as a startup founder “sucks”. “As a founder, any time spent in VC boardrooms giving the same presentation for the umpteenth time is time away from running your business,” the investment associate wrote in a recent Medium post. “Hopefully you’re gaining valuable advice and connections … Read more

‘It was like an army coming at us’: kid’s clothing brand Oishi-m has built a cult-like following

Miyo Fallshaw doesn’t have plans to produce more runs of Oishi-m’s clothing. She’s not bothered that some lines and sizes of the cult childrenswear brand sell out within minutes of release. “Creating something magical and special, we thrive off that,” the owner of Oishi-m says. “When the supply is less than the demand, it also … Read more