The business of addiction: how the video gaming industry is evolving to be like the casino industry

The video gaming industry has transitioned from a group of backyard innovators to an industry of multi-billion dollar companies, hiring psychologists, neuroscientists and marketing experts to turn customers into addicts. The latest trend is the creation of “whales,” people so addicted to games that they spend their entire life savings to keep playing. But the video gaming industry, today one … Read more


Startup tech company Redback Technologies has teamed up with EnergyAustralia to launch a new all-in-one solar and battery solution to tackle the biggest energy problems facing Australians. The Redback Smart Hybrid System launch takes place a year after EnergyAustralia invested in the Brisbane-based company with the aim of providing more reliable, affordable and cleaner energy … Read more

How to follow Kmart’s lead and build a troop of your own social media influencers

It’s no secret Kmart fans are competitive bargain hunters, but branding experts say small businesses should take note of the discount department store’s strategy for rallying its Instagram base and transforming enthusiasm into organic advertising content. reports the retailer is powering goodwill towards its newest products by inviting a select group of 20 social media … Read more

Vinomofo launches The Club: Co-founder Andre Eikmeier on how to redesign your business when you’ve built a “beast”

Vinomofo co-founder Andre Eikmeier has opened up about the time and complexity involved in redesigning a fast-growing company’s offerings, following the launch of the retailer’s new subscription platform last month. After toying with, and then putting off, the concept for five years, Vinomofo founders Andre Eikmeier and Justin Dry decided to take their online wine … Read more


Ahead of Amazon’s arrival in Australia, corporate accelerator Slinghot and retail network NORA have partnered to launch Australia’s first retail tech accelerator. According to Slingshot CEO Karen Lawson, the 12-week ‘RetailTech’ program will assist a consortium of four large-scale retail companies (including logistics and payments businesses) to ‘fast-track’ the development of new revenue streams, processes … Read more

How to create an innovative product, according to the inventor of the “Cronut”

As an entrepreneur it’s tempting to spend every waking moment thinking about your business, but one of the world’s most inventive food professionals says you’d be better served learning about something unrelated to your craft. Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel discussed his approach to creativity and product development in a recent Q and A session at Google … Read more

My Proposal Co. is an online service helping clients organise bespoke romantic proposals

As we continue to endure the onslaught of ‘new and innovative’ dating app experiences thrown our way, one’s left to think how many technologies are serving users after that initial connection, whether it’s to help conjure up exciting date ideas or, at the far end of the relationship spectrum, plan an ideal proposal. Enter my … Read more