The gender qualification gap: Why women ‘over-invest’ in workplace capabilities

It took a Nobel Prize before Canadian physicist Donna Strickland got promoted to a full professorship. As anecdotal evidence that women have to prove themselves even more than men to earn a job promotion, her story is hard to beat. Looking deeper, it’s more complex than outright sexism. Strickland herself dismissed suggestions her career had … Read more


Business truly is a global affair, and it’s fair to say that certain countries are leading the way in terms of efficiency and productivity. Longer working hours doesn’t always equal greater productivity, it’s often about working smarter, not harder. Now that most multinational corporations now have bases all over the world, it’s becoming increasingly important … Read more

Superman feat friends: Unpacking Australia’s productivity paradox

This year marks the 40-year anniversary of the first Superman film. Starring as Superman, Christopher Reeve fought foes and vanquished villains in an action-packed battle between good and evil. Four decades on, Superman continues to feature in films, but often not alone. He now stars alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and other superheroes. For the … Read more

The circle blueprint : decoding the conscious and unconscious factors that determine your success (book)

Authors: Jack Skeen, Greg Miller, Aaron Hill The Circle Blueprint is your personal guide to fulfillment. Are you thriving or just surviving? Are you energized, balanced, and happy? This book helps you dig to the root of the problem, and gives you a roadmap for getting your life on a more positive trajectory. You’ll begin … Read more

The leading brain : powerful science-based strategies for achieving peak performance (book)

Authors: Friederike Fabritius and Hans W. Hagemann There’s a revolution taking place that most businesses are still unaware of. The understanding of how our brains work has radically shifted, exploding long-held myths about our everyday cognitive performance and fundamentally changing the way we engage and succeed in the workplace. Combining their expertise in both neuropsychology … Read more