Struggling to sleep in the crazy hustle and bustle of building your startup? Here’s how Arianna Huffington tackles the problem

When Thrive Global founder and Huffington Post creator Arianna Huffington collapsed from exhaustion, she mistakenly believed her mental state was “fine”. During an interview with Talkspace, Huffington says weeks of sleepless nights had become “business as usual” and the successful entrepreneur didn’t think it was doing any real damage because she’d always been able to … Read more

Industry 4.0 and the digital twin

Manufacturing meets its match ​As manufacturing processes become increasingly digital, the digital twin is now within reach. By providing companies with a complete digital footprint of products, the digital twin enables companies to detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, and build better products. There can be no turning back. Manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly … Read more

3 Simple Ideas Powering Growth at Instagram, Snapchat, and Google

Growth at Snapchat, Google, and Instagram is powered by these simple concepts applicable to any business. Audience growth and customer acquisition are exciting challenges for any business. The three concepts below have helped my team reach a monthly audience of over 55 million and supercharged the release of our new app for chat-style stories. They’re … Read more