‘Bodega’ startup forced to apologise after furious criticism of its name

Bodega, a new startup with plans to replace the corner store with eight-foot cabinets full of essentials, went under fire today on social media. Many users criticised the startup on Twitter, claiming that the name was appropriative and that the company’s apparent mission to replace small mum-and-pop businesses was concerning. Now, in a Medium post titled “So, about our … Read more

How Askable landed major clients and 5000 users within seven months of launching without any external funding

Brisbane market research startup Askable has only been around for seven months, but it’s already looking at taking a chunk of the “archaic” $2.2 billion Australian market research industry after landing some big-name clients. Since being founded in mid-February, the startup has already worked with the likes of Woolworths, CBS Interactive, Deloitte and Canstar; built … Read more

Meet the 23 innovative Australian startups chosen for this year’s Tech23 showcase

From startups looking to build a global digital nervous system, to those using artificial intelligence to help businesses make leadership decisions, companies innovating through deep technology make up the 23 startups selected for this year’s Tech23 showcase. Tech23 is now in its ninth year. Since its inception, the one-day event has featured prominent Australian startups … Read more

This 24-year-old used Snapchat to launch a startup so successful, he turned down jobs at Facebook and Uber — all while fighting cancer

24-year-old Khallil Mangalji is a happy guy. He just closed a $US1.8 million round of venture funding for his two-year-old startup, Fiix, and got some good news about his health. The cancer tumour he’s been fighting for the past year while launching his startup is in retreat and the prognosis for a full recovery is good, he … Read more

Leading startup investment insiders told us what they’re looking for in the perfect fintech

Rajeev Gupta knows about startups and what’s needed to attract funding for them. The former investment banker and technology investor has had his own startup, Geckolife, and has also worked at Goldman Sachs and Tribeca. Now he’s a partner at Alium Capital, a technology-focused crossover investment fund looking after sophisticated investors wanting to get in on … Read more

Fit for growth : a guide to strategic cost cutting, restructuring, and renewal (book)

Authors: Deniz Caglar, John Plansky, and Vinay Couto Fit for Growth is a unique approach to business transformation that explicitly connects growth strategy with cost management and organization restructuring. Drawing on 70-plus years of strategy consulting experience and in-depth research, the experts at PwC’s Strategy& lay out a winning framework that helps CEOs and senior … Read more


The opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to make the switch to solar and batteries is stronger than it has ever been. Similar to households, small businesses typically pay high electricity rates and unlike big businesses, possess less negotiating power on energy retail costs. Small businesses also tend to have tighter budgets when it … Read more

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook : More than 100 Proven Strategies, Tips, and Techniques to Build a Radically Successful Business (ebook)

Author: Leonard C. Green Big new ideas rarely make great businesses . . . Labouring on a business plan can be a waste of time . . . You are going to need dramatically more start-up money than you think you do. Counterintuitive concepts like these have helped the world’s best entrepreneurs succeed. Yet most … Read more