Legal compliance and risk management in small business (book)

Author: Ian Birt Small businesses, like all businesses, operate in an increasingly regulated environment. Increasing business regulation is being driven by public desire for greater protection of consumers, workers and the physical environment. These developments are occurring in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex society. Being in business, you need to comply with all relevant … Read more

“The Patagonia of the beauty industry”: Why Erika Geraerts left Frank Body to start beauty company Fluff

Two years ago Erika Geraerts, the co-founder of $20 million skincare company Frank Body, decided to depart the wildly successful business she’d built with her four other co-founders to create an entirely new category in the beauty industry. She wanted to fight back against the Instagram makeup trends of influencers with perfect skin touting products to … Read more

Misfits: being the odd one out in your industry

Imagine being an out-of-the-closet priest. Or an impulsive academic. Or a female mechanic, a conservative sex worker, an overweight personal trainer. You’d feel out of place, right? That’s because, over time, professions have cultivated an identity for themselves that often makes them difficult to infiltrate when you don’t reflect the prevailing image. This is a … Read more

Curbing competition: how to make your business stand out from the pack

When it comes to highly competitive industries, even the slightest differences between companies can make or break a relationship with potential clients. Take IT for instance; business competitors at the top of that game use similar hardware, provide similar services and they achieve similar outcomes. But of course, there are still many IT companies that … Read more

To attract top talent, look no further than your own backyard

With the low unemployment rate and scrapping of the 457 visa, it’s increasingly hard to find talent and fill the skills gap, especially in technology and for small businesses. Rural Australia is fast becoming an area to recruit much sought-after top female talent, given much of the local female population’s experience managing small businesses and farms. … Read more

Got a subscription for your TV, your music, what about your car?

You’ve got a subscription for your television, your music, what about your car? Melbourne startup Carbar has raised $5.75 million to launch a car subscription service where customers own a car on a month-to-month basis with all costs including insurance and services paid for. Co-founder Desmond Hang started Carbar three years ago with university friends … Read more

‘They start with a fingernail and end with an arm’: Restaurants farewell Foodora

Restaurant owners are not surprised by Foodora’s exit from Australia, with some saying the food delivery firm’s reliance on bikes rather than cars put it at a significant disadvantage to the likes of UberEats. Foodora announced on Thursday it would stop operating in Australia by the end of August. Burger Urge co-founder Sean Carthew says it soon became … Read more

From six-figure deals to pictures of dogs, here’s how two business owners run their own social media accounts

With influencers making thousands off it and company reputations rising and falling at its whim, it’s safe to say social media is no longer a fad or passing craze. Instead, it’s a business tool. Brands are built off it, sales are made through it, and some companies wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for it. Although we’ve … Read more