Marketing your startup : the Inc. guide to getting customers, gaining traction, and growing your business (book)

Author: Simona Covel To put a business on the map, nothing beats great marketing. No matter how original your idea or ambitious your dreams, the company will stall without a plan to spread the word, build momentum, and drive sales. But how many entrepreneurs excel at marketing? If you are like most, you are focused … Read more

The new business road test : what entrepreneurs and investors should do before launching a lean start-up (book)

Author: John Mullins Thinking about starting a new business? Stop! Is there a genuine market for your idea? Do you really want to compete in that industry? Are you the right person to pursue it? No matter how talented you are or how much capital you have, if you’re pursuing a fundamentally flawed opportunity then … Read more

Entrepreneur : building your business from start to success (book)

Authors: Lars Tvede & Mads Faurholt This is your guidebook to achieving entrepreneurial success. Whether you’re an existing business owner seeking to increase your reach, or a budding entrepreneur ready to take the next step, this book provides invaluable guidance from experts who have made it happen time and time again. A simple step-by-step process … Read more

Start up Wise : The Seven Stages to Launch you to Success (ebook)

Author: Jonathan Reuvid There is much to consider when starting a business. Knowing what to do first, whether you have a concept that works for you, what resources to access and how to get started can be overwhelming and seemingly-complicated. Start-Up Wiseis a comprehensive, all-in-one-place guide providing everything you need to know for your journey, … Read more

The beermat entrepreneur : turn your good idea into a great business (book)

Authors: Mike Southon and Chris West The Beermat Entrepreneur helps you convert your jotted notes about your business idea into a big and successful business. With wit and humour, this quick-to-read and simple-to-use book could turn your beermat inspiration into reality. You’ve got a bright idea. An idea that you think maybe, just maybe, could … Read more