Uncertainty over research tax incentives reigns as scheme tightened

Australian startups say there’s still uncertainty over what qualifies as “research and development” for tax purposes and legislation that aims to change tax incentive claims won’t help matters. More than $2.4 billion of savings from changes to the research and development tax incentive program were outlined in the May budget. These changes are now working their … Read more

Need templated forms, business plan samples or industry reports? Check out ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database!

Members of the Business Studio now have access to the full version of the ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database! This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly – including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings – to a full toolkit … Read more

A taxing question: Does the tax system work for small business?

For the majority of small businesses the taxation system is cumbersome, problematic and unnecessarily time consuming. There isn’t much about it that appeals to the two million plus number of small businesses in Australia. Quarterly GST reporting is both time consuming, expensive and frustrating, while the yearly change in the rules from the Australian Tax … Read more


The Federal Government is acting to improve the integrity and operation of the business tax system by introducing legislation to close loopholes in the tax consolidation regime that create unintended tax outcomes, Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer has announced. According to Minister O’Dwyer, the tax consolidation regime, in allowing wholly-owned corporate groups … Read more

Less talk, more small business action in 2017

“The future growth and prosperity of Australian SMEs could be undermined if governments lose sight of the sector’s priorities says Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise ombudsman (ASBFEO) Kate Carnell. Carnell wants action on issues such as business tax cuts, competition reform, unfair contracts, government procurement and security of payments.” Read more Business Council of Australia Business … Read more